ShaoDow: “Be positive and creative, always” 


ShaoDow is a rapper and entrepreneur with a law degree and a love of lyricism.

The musician held a Masterclass at BIMM Manchester to share some wisdom with a class full of students.

They wasted no time in asking Shaodow the big questions, opening with: What’s your message?

“To be positive and creative, always. Strive to do what you want, it’s always possible. I want to share my world view in the most accessible way.”

ShaoDow explained how he made his start in music; speaking honestly about the struggle to make a living as an artist and how he supports his work with a range of merchandise, ‘The DiY Gang’, and his brand of headphones.

He placed importance on networking and cultivating a personal relationship with fans:

“I decided to put a CD together and get out there and talk to people, ask what music they are into and tell them about myself. It’s the personal touch that works. I have a lot of fans that I know personally, that I stay in touch with. They know if they buy a CD or T-shirt from me, I will invest the money back into my music, and that’s what they want to hear.”

Promoter networking was also high on his list of priorities. This method even led to ShaoDow supporting his favourite rapper, Tech N9ne:

“Go to shows and meet promoters so when you send them your music they know who you are, you’ve added a personal touch. Networking isn’t as scary and difficult as it seems. I approached Tech N9nes management … I asked if I could manage to sell 50 tickets, could I do the gig? I sold the tickets and I made it happen. Determination and personality work.”

ShaoDow’s talk also covered many aspects of music, including management, Major labels vs independents, advances, tours, social media, owning your music and more. After a performance that host Mike Hosker called ‘electrifying’, ShaoDow hung out and jammed with students while we gathered feedback on a fantastic session:

Joe Mansergh, Songwriting:

“Such an insightful session. It opened my mind to different possibilities and made the idea of working as an independent artist clearer and more desirable. ShaoDow showed us the path to achieving it.”

Thomas Collins, Guitar:

“Definitely my favourite Masterclass so far. It was a really helpful session in unexpected ways. I was able to ask ShaoDow about my career goals and to go about networking. He made the term ‘networking’ approachable, and I definitely feel more confident about it now.”

Olly Flavell, Songwriting:

“This was the best Masterclass I’ve ever been to. ShaoDow was so down to earth and offered really great motivational advice on networking to get your music heard. I feel much more confident now. He offered practical advice on balancing creativity with a business mind. This is something every artist should hear and take on board; I know I will!”

We’d like to thank ShaoDow for the encouraging and inspiring Masterclass!

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POSTED ON: March 1, 2016
  • Manchester, Music Business