BIMM London host DAACI for an exclusive masterclass

13 March, 2024

We’re pleased to continue our exciting partnership with DAACI, an innovative AI music software company. This collaboration offers unique opportunities for our students, most recently in the form of an incredibly insightful masterclass at our BIMM London campus.

DAACI, a developer of creative AI music tools, offers a range of patented technologies that empower music creators to address the increasing demand for personalised music. Their technologies include tools that enhance the creative process by dynamically composing new music in real time, as well as smart editing systems that seamlessly adapt existing tracks.

Their pioneering tools and plugins allow music creators to develop a deep understanding of music theory and provide them with a wealth of musical experience.

Hosted by Dr. Joe Lyske, DAACI’s CTO and Co-Founder, the masterclass explored the relationship between AI and music, shedding light on present and future landscapes. It provided insight into how DAACI is transforming musical expression through AI and explored the latest advancements in music technology.

Joe remarked, “The partnership with BIMM University and DAACI is a valuable opportunity. Connecting with students at the ground level, and providing them access to sophisticated AI technology for experimentation, yields valuable feedback. It demonstrates the effectiveness of our technologies and their usefulness to students currently studying.”

Unique student internship placements

The partnership with DAACI extends beyond the masterclass, offering unique internship opportunities for BIMM students to gain real-world experience in AI music software. These internships, which include Engineering, Research, and Musicology placements at DAACI, pave the way for a promising future in the music industry.

As an Engineering placement student at DAACI, a BIMM student will collaborate closely with the team on various tasks and projects, merging musical expertise with engineering skills. This placement aims to expose students to industry intricacies, fostering the development of innovative solutions at the intersection of music and technology.

The Musicology placement student will work closely with the DAACI team on tasks and projects, focusing on developing essential skills for success in musicology within the industry.

Similarly, the Research placement student will play a vital role in the research team, collaborating across different departments and gaining exposure to various business areas. This placement offers opportunities for students to contribute their research skills and insights.

These internship opportunities, along with the recent launch of the online “Introduction to AI” course, further reflects BIMM’s ongoing commitment to equipping the next generation of music professionals with the cutting-edge tools and experiences they need to thrive in a fast-evolving music industry.

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