International students

At BIMM Music Institute, we welcome students from all over the world. We provide you with a first-rate music education and will work with you to help you achieve a long and sustainable career in the music industry. 

BIMM Music Institute is proud of its international community of staff and students where formal and informal collaboration and networking is at the heart of our ethos.

We believe our international students bring a welcome dimension to the vibrant BIMM environment. Over 60 nationalities are represented within our student community.

Contrasting cultures and musical tastes encourage our students to look at music from an alternative viewpoint, enhancing the whole experience for everyone.

Why choose BIMM as an international student?

  • BIMM Music Institute is the largest contemporary music education provider in Europe.
  • Your undergraduate and/or postgraduate qualifications obtained at BIMM Music Institute are recognised worldwide.
  • Our eight BIMM colleges have over 50 years experience between them in helping students launch successful careers in the music industry.
  • BIMM Music Institute offers an internal student exchange scheme* to undergraduate degree students. This is a great opportunity to enhance your student experience and network by studying in multiple cities within the UK.

*Subject to eligibility

Contact us

We’re committed to making your transition to the UK, Ireland or Germany as smooth as possible. For help, support or advice, please call us between 8am-6pm GMT using the contact details below.

UK: +44 1273 840 346
Germany: +49 30 31199186
Ireland: +353 1 513 3666

Contact UK International: [email protected]
Germany: [email protected]
Ireland: [email protected]

"I had a great time studying at BIMM, I immediately felt part of the college and quickly settled into the local music scene."
Sven Bystrom, International Student

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