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Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Creative Industries

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent across many sectors, with the creative industries being no exception.

Every day, AI is being used to generate content, analyse data, and automate routine tasks, and its impact on the creative industries is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years. Many practitioners across music, film, design and gaming are already using AI technologies to push the boundaries of what we previously thought possible.

Though AI presents many opportunities for creativity, innovation and future jobs, it also presents significant challenges, ethical implications and disruption to the creative industries. This is why we have launched BIMM University AI_Labs: to learn more about and better understand the impact of AI and its application in the creative industries. By doing so, we can better prepare our graduates to be at the forefront as the next generation of creative industry professionals.



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What is AI_Labs?

The primary aim of BIMM University AI_Labs is to be a hub of research, exploration, and advancement in applying AI within the Creative Industries. The university intends to unlock new avenues of creativity, efficiency, and expression through rigorous study, experimentation, and collaboration with industry experts.

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At its core, AI_Labs is a platform designed to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence within the realms of creative expression. It is a space where we embark on a journey to discover what AI is and what it can become, particularly in the context of creative output.


The creative frontier

We believe the creative industries are on the brink of a transformation like never before. AI_Labs will serve as a springboard for creative endeavours, offering students and lecturers the tools and resources to push the boundaries of music, film, performing arts, and creative technologies.

We will showcase real-world examples of how AI can be harnessed to create astonishing works of art, from composing music that transcends human imagination to crafting visual and narrative experiences that captivate audiences.


Ethical exploration

AI_Labs is not solely focused on creative innovation; it also serves as a platform for deep ethical reflection. As we venture further into the capabilities of AI, we must diligently investigate the ethical considerations that arise. What obligations do we hold as creators when harnessing this influential technology? How will it impact the future of the creative sector, and what measures can we employ to ensure our creations are ethically sound?

We cannot ignore these questions, and AI_Labs will encourage open discussions and critical thinking on these topics.


Opportunities for collaboration

There is vast potential for collaboration within AI_Labs. By participating in AI_Labs, students will have opportunities to connect and work with others who share their passion for creativity and AI. This collaborative environment fosters an atmosphere of shared knowledge and ideas, allowing us to collectively push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of creative expression through artificial intelligence technology.

"The synergy between AI and the Creative Industries is undeniable. From enhancing music composition to revolutionizing visual arts, the application of machine learning to creative industries opens a new world for artists of all types. I am honoured to be part of BIMM University’s visionary approach in preparing the next generation of creatives to harness the power of AI while preserving the authenticity of their art."
Warren Barkley - Google Cloud AI leader and BIMM University Visiting Professor

What AI_Labs is not

Our mission at AI_Labs is solely dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and creativity. We are not driven by any political agenda but rather focused on exploring the vast potential of AI in conjunction with art and technology.

Our primary goals revolve around unrestricted exploration, learning, and understanding the capabilities of AI within these realms. We are not advocating for the replacement of human artists or diminishing the role of human creativity.

We understand that by rejecting the concept of creative AI, we may lose opportunities to have a broader perspective on the world. Instead, AI_Labs aims to foster collaboration between human artists and AI systems, expanding the possibilities for artistic creation and pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in the creative field.

By embracing the concept of creative AI, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities.



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