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Charlie Baldwin performs as Kasket, and is an electronic musician and producer who lives in Berlin.

He studied a drumming diploma at BIMM Brighton, and after leaving, he played in a few bands, but began to feel like he wanted to live in a place that really fuelled his creativity.

So Charlie moved to Berlin — and he hasn’t looked back! Fired by Berlin’s legendarily creative music scene, he started producing music under his new persona, and his talent was recognised when he signed to Apollo, an offshoot of R&S Records.

We asked Charlie about what he gained from BIMM, why he moved to Berlin and what is so special about the city.

Charlie has a lot of praise for what he gained from his studies at BIMM, and simply loves Berlin:

“My brother went to BIMM first, and I was really jealous! What I gained from BIMM was people — meeting people — and a lot of knowledge. It really introduced me to a lot of new music, and there are some tutors who will always stick in my head… they gave me a good insight to the music world.”

“The reason I moved to Berlin was because I’m a big believer in environment and art: where you are is what you create. I came here and really liked it… it just seems to work here.”

Berlin’s environment has clearly been a vital influence on him and his music. His recordings as Kasket have won rave reviews for their multi-layered, cross-genre and bass-driven sounds.

If you’d like the same insight, connections and education Charlie had, slap-bang in the centre of a radically exciting city, then BIMM Berlin is for you. Our first Open Day is on 14th February, so why not spend Valentine’s Day falling in love with BIMM Berlin?

POSTED ON: January 16, 2015
  • Berlin, Drums, Music Production