Applying to BIMM in Germany - FAQ's

Choosing where to study your degree is a big decision and you might have a few questions. We’ve collected the questions our students have been asking us into a helpful FAQ to help you make your decision.

If you have any further questions, our friendly Admissions Team will be able to answer them for you. Email us at [email protected] or talk to us on Live Chat.

Q:  When should I apply to BIMM Institute Germany?

A:  If you’re interested in studying with us, then as soon as possible! We have a simple application form that you’ll need to complete to apply for any of our courses.

You can even pick more than one if you’re interested in various disciplines, and decide which course is right for you at a later stage through the help of our Admissions department and tutors. Remember, you can apply directly to study at BIMM Institute Hamburg or Berlin, and don’t need to go through UCAS.

Q:  What if I don’t know if BIMM Institute is right for me?

A:  Then come and visit us! We hold regular Open Days and campus tours which you can book onto and get a real insight into studying at BIMM Institute and whether it’s the right place for you. To find out more and book your place, visit our open day pages.

Q:  Ok, but how do you decide who gets in?

A:  We hold auditions and interviews for all our courses. We contact you to book in your audition/ interview after we receive your application.

These can be completed either face-to-face at one of our colleges or remotely, which is useful if travelling to us is difficult for you. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a conditional offer from our team dependent on various aspects such as your academic level and predicted exam results.

Q:  What if I’m unsuccessful? Do I only get one chance to have an audition or interview?

A:  If you don’t pass on the first try, you will receive in-depth feedback from us and we’ll be in touch to arrange a second audition/interview. Alternatively, our lecturers will discuss other courses that we think might be a better option for you.

Q:  Do you need to know my grades before I apply?

A:  No, we accept applications and hold auditions and interviews throughout the year. We only need to know your results if we’ve made you a conditional offer, which is dependent on certain conditions such as exam grades. The sooner you apply and complete an audition or interview, the better, as it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Q:  What Abitur grades do you expect from me?

A:  It depends on the course you’re interested in. The required qualifications for the courses we offer are listed below:

BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship and Songwriting:

  • Award of Abitur with overall average grade of 3.0 including a minimum grade of 10 on the English component (LF ) on the Abitur

BA (Hons) Music & Sound Production and Electronic Music Production:

  • Award of Abitur with overall average grade of 2.7 including a minimum grade of 10 on the English component (LF ) on the Abitur

BA (Hons) Music Business and Music Marketing, Media & Communications:

  • Award of Abitur with overall average grade of 2.7 including a minimum grade of 10 on the English component (LF ) on the Abitur

Please note, you don’t need to have studied the Abitur or in Germany. Our Admissions Team will advise you on the qualification equivalents.

Q:  Will Fachabitur be enough to get accepted?

A:  Should you not meet our academic entry requirements we can offer you the opportunity to submit work that can be marked for the Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning (APEL). This is in the form of an essay for which guidelines are provided should it be required.

Q:  Will I struggle to find a place in live in Germany?

A:  Both Hamburg and Berlin have a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from student purpose studio apartments to shared living. Budgets vary due to the many districts within the city and the value of properties, but due to the excellent transport network it is easy to travel through both cites on a low priced monthly travelcard or by bike.

More information on accommodation options, locations and lettings agents who can help you find a place can be found in our Hamburg and Berlin Accommodation Guides.

Q:  I’ll be new to Berlin or Hamburg and I’m worried that I’ll have trouble meeting other students.

A:  Some of our students are newcomers to either city or even Germany and share similar concerns, but successfully connect by our student groups for BIMM Hamburg and BIMM Berlin.

We also hold various events, taking place during your induction week before your studies commence, with the aim of helping you meet and connect with the other students in your year-group. Who knows, you may end up meeting and moving in with your future housemates before you even enrol!

Q:  How will Brexit affect my student experience at BIMM?

A:  The issue of Brexit has led to many questions and uncertainties, but the actual consequences of Brexit and how they will be handled will probably only be fully foreseeable in the future.

However, we can already say with certainty that the BIMM Colleges in Hamburg and Berlin will continue to exist after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Resultantly, our academic degrees will continue to be recognised throughout the EU, and there will be no adjustment of our study fees for British or European students as a result of Brexit.

As a result, we also assume that students from non-EU countries will still be able to obtain a visa for study purposes after the Brexit. We will update this information on a regular basis and will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on this topic.

Q:  English isn’t my first language, do I need an English language qualification?

A:  Yas, you do. Courses at the BIMM Institute are taught in English and we require an academic IELTS level of 6.5 or equivalent if you have not completed and passed an English qualification required by BIMM. Further information can be found under the following links by visiting BIMM Hamburg, BIMM Berlin or by emailing [email protected].

Q:  Is there government funding available for courses at BIMM Institute?

A:  Currently, there is no German funding for students at BIMM Institute Berlin or Hamburg. However, BIMM Institute offer bursaries and scholarships to eligible students. Learn more about scholarships for BIMM Hamburg or BIMM Berlin.

Q:  So, what am I waiting for?

A:  We’re not sure either! Get started by downloading our application form.

Download Application Form

If you have any other questions, or need help with your application, contact our Admissions Team on [email protected] or talk to us on Live Chat.

You can also call our Admissions Department, located at our BIMM Institute Berlin campus, on +49 30 311 99 186. If you wish to speak to our team in Hamburg, please call +49 40 874 09 632.

We look forward to talking to you!

POSTED ON: January 10, 2020
  • Berlin, Hamburg