Google AI expert, Warren Barkley, joins BIMM University as Visiting Professor

17 November, 2023

We are proud to announce that Warren Barkley, a prominent expert in artificial intelligence, has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at BIMM University. This appointment further solidifies BIMM’s dedication to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the significant impact of AI on the Creative Industries.

Currently the Cloud AI leader at Google, Warren is globally recognised as a key figure in the field of artificial intelligence. Prior to his role at Google, Warren held executive positions leading AI teams at Amazon and Microsoft, contributing to the development of numerous AI products and services, with over 65 patents and advanced degrees from multiple prestigious universities.

After completing a second degree in education, Warren transitioned from a full-time musician to a public-school teacher, demonstrating a keen interest in technology. Summers spent studying computer science eventually led him to a technology start-up and later to Microsoft, where he played a pivotal role in the creation of wireless technology, notably Wi-Fi.

In 2012, Warren assumed the position of Chief Technology Officer at SMART Technology Inc., an EdTech company listed on NASDAQ. During his tenure, he successfully re-designed the engineering team and led the development of multiple award-winning products. These included a reinvention of the smartboard and an innovative app-based cloud learning platform compatible with any device.

Louise Jackson, BIMM University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, said the following about the appointment, “We are thrilled to welcome Warren Barkley to BIMM University as a Visiting Professor. His extensive experience and leadership in the field of artificial intelligence, coupled with his remarkable journey from a full-time musician to a technology innovator, exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of creativity and technology. Warren’s insights will undoubtedly enrich our understanding of AI’s profound influence on the Creative Industries, aligning perfectly with BIMM’s commitment to providing cutting-edge education. As we embark on this collaboration, we are confident that Warren Barkley will inspire and empower the next generation of creative professionals at BIMM.”

With Warren Barkley’s rich background and expertise, BIMM University is eager to harness his insights to empower the next generation of creative professionals. His appointment as a Visiting Professor symbolises BIMM’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI’s impact on the Creative Industries.

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