Rethink music education: BIMM at Glastonbury 2024

26 June, 2024

As the legendary Glastonbury Festival kicks off tomorrow, BIMM celebrates its vibrant and influential presence, redefining what it means to study music. At BIMM, we believe that music education extends far beyond the classroom, immersing students in real-world experiences that shape their careers and creativity.

This year, the spotlight is on our scholarship partners and esteemed alumni. IDLES, Fontaines D.C., and honorary fellow Fatboy Slim are set to ignite the festival with their electrifying performances. Fontaines D.C., in particular, have a special bond with Glastonbury, having delivered a show-stopping set on The Other Stage last year that still resonates with fans.

But our involvement goes beyond the performances. BIMM students are at the heart of the festival’s operations, managing stages, sound engineering, and ensuring the seamless execution of performances. Their behind-the-scenes roles demonstrate the hands-on experience and industry expertise that BIMM is renowned for.

“Our presence at Glastonbury is a testament to BIMM’s commitment to real-world music industry experience; from our students working behind the scenes to our graduates headlining major stages, BIMM’s involvement at Glastonbury exemplifies our role in shaping the future of music.”

Mark Bowers, Head of Careers: Music

Looking back, BIMM’s influence at Glastonbury has been nothing short of extraordinary. In 2023, our talent was everywhere, with standout acts like Gardna, Lime Garden, and Pale Waves captivating audiences across various stages. In 2022, graduates such as George Ezra, alongside session musicians like Gaetan Judd and Emanuel J Burton, showcased their talents with some of the biggest names in music, solidifying BIMM’s reputation for producing top-tier artists.

Our connection with Glastonbury extends to inspiring educational experiences as well. Festival founder Michael Eavis has visited BIMM campuses multiple times, sharing his wealth of knowledge and sparking inspiration through his engaging masterclasses. His visits provide students with unparalleled insights into the music industry and the spirit of innovation that drives Glastonbury.

As we gear up for another exhilarating year at Glastonbury, we invite you to be a part of this incredible journey. Study at BIMM and you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of the music industry, gain invaluable hands-on experience, and join a community of artists who are making waves on the global stage.

Discover your potential, unleash your creativity, and become a part of the BIMM legacy. Your dream career starts here. See you at Glastonbury!


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