BIMM Artists Win Glastonbury Performance Slot

16 May, 2019

Two BIMM Artists have secured themselves performance slots at this year’s Glastonbury Festival after emerging as joint-winners in the final round of the inaugural Pilton Stage Competition.

The event – judged by US singer-songwriter Rodney Branigan, Avalon Field Coordinator Lisa Pickering and Glastonbury co-founder Michael Eavis – saw BIMM Berlin’s The Flavians and BIMM Bristol’s Chrissie Huntley (pictured above with her band) among the joint winners in the final heat of the competition.

Throughout various heats, a wealth of talented artists performed live to secure a slot at the revered music festival, including an exclusive ‘BIMM Battle‘ round which saw appearances from student artists and alumni such as singer-songwriter Miles Goodall, alt’ rock quintet IOTA and indie folk troupe Tygermylk.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Tygermylk learned an important music industry lesson prior to their entry into the competition, as they’d initially missed out on the chance to compete. On seeking posthumous guidance during a recent masterclass from Eavis at our Brighton campus, the group asked the Glasto guru: “What would you advise for a band that wants to play?“.

To their surprise, Eavis responded by immediately putting the band in touch with the organiser of the Pilton Stage Competition, which took place at the Pilton Working Men’s Club near the Glastonbury Festival site in late April.

Although Tygermylk didn’t make it through to the next round of the competition, they were pleased to have been given the opportunity to compete, voicing their gratitude to Eavis with a Facebook post.

From the organiser

The event’s organiser Neil Templar spoke explained how the BIMM Battle round came into being.

“Because I was already armed with the knowledge that BIMM constantly produce high calibre emerging artists (coupled with Michael’s already established links), I had decided from the outset that there should be a separate heat exclusively for their students,” said Neil Templar, organiser of the competition.”

As a direct result of its success, preparations are now underway to announce the launch of The Pilton Stage 2020 later in the year. This will offer the opportunity to play at what will undoubtedly become the iconic 50th anniversary of Glastonbury. It’s expected that BIMM will once again be there to ‘defend their crown’ and ready to provide the potential winner.

We wish The Flavians and Chrissie Huntley all the very best for their inaugural Glastonbury performances. May it not be their last.

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