Find an International Agent

An education recruitment agent makes it easy for you to submit your application, accept your offer, apply for a student visa and prepare for international student life.

It is important for you to use a BIMM Institute registered recruitment agent as they are approved by us to offer you professional and reliable advice.

International students can also apply directly to BIMM Institute.


Trusted Agents

BIMM Institute works with the following education recruitment agents. Please contact them directly if you would like to receive advice about studying with us.

Agent counselling services include:

  • Advice on course selection
  • Brochures and essential documents
  • Country and city information
  • Assistance with application forms
  • Visa advice

If you have any queries about our trusted agents please contact us at [email protected].



Contact Us

We’re committed to making your transition to the UK, Ireland or Germany as smooth as possible. For help, support or advice, please call us between 8am-6pm GMT using the contact details below.

UK: +44 1273 626 666
Germany: +49 30 31199186
Ireland: +353 1 513 3666

Contact UK International: [email protected]
Contact EU Settlement/Brexit: [email protected]

Germany: [email protected]
Ireland: [email protected]


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