Scholarships and Bursaries

BIMM is dedicated to helping musicians and songwriters develop their skills, talents and self-confidence while gaining a nationally recognised Further or Higher Education qualification. Every academic year, we’re able to offer a limited number of scholarships and bursaries to talented and dedicated applicants and students who are in financial hardship.

These are suitable for candidates on any level of course, however, ideally for those courses incurring fees.

The Fair Access Fund

BIMM Institute is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all applicants, and all students, and we actively seek to recruit a diverse student body that is reflective of the wider community.

We believe that a diverse student body provides for a creative and dynamic community and this is in line with the ethos and mission of the BIMM Institute.

We aim to actively support access to our courses from groups of applicants who are underrepresented in Higher Education or face financial challenges and hardship.  Some of those applicants may require more support than ever given the challenges presented by the global pandemic of Covid-19.

We want a level playing field and equality of opportunity and so we have set up The Fair Access Fund to ensure students are supported during their studies.

How to apply

For more information and whether you’re eligible to apply for The Fair Access Fund, please click the button below.

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