BIMM Institute Birmingham facilities

Opened in 2017 by none other than Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, BIMM Institute Birmingham is located in a city whose musical heritage is second to none. 

Our purpose-built facility houses a truly state-of-the-art recording studio with specialist and industry-leading equipment so that you can take your first steps into the world of music. You’ll have access to professional equipment and the ability to record your session in a high-quality space to rival those used by industry professionals themselves.

Hone your craft and find your feet as a musical act with the facilities and equipment throughout our Birmingham college. Take a look at what awaits you when you get here.

At BIMM Institute Birmingham, we harness Birmingham’s undeniable musical heritage, combine it with the very best modern technology and equipment and create one of the most exciting places in Europe to study music. 

You’ll find our college in the new Floodgate Street building. Here, you will be surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities such as fully loaded Mac suites, multiple performance rooms with industry-standard equipment and our brand new recording studio. 

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Digbeth (where our college is located) is Birmingham’s inner-city suburb and creative hub that’s been termed the ‘Shoreditch of Birmingham’ by NME and 'the coolest place to live' by The Times.

BIMM students on drums and guitar

If you’re interested in Music Production, Songwriting or one of our Performance subjects, you’ll have the chance to apply your skills in a professional-level recording environment.

Yes, in 2018 we expanded our already impressive range of facilities with a multi-million pound, fully bespoke professional-level recording studio. This new facility was designed from the ground up using the in-depth expertise of college Principal Antony Greaves, our BIMM lecturers, The Studio People and Audient. 

Our studio facilities

You’ll be able to record in a professional space that features superior treatments such as ‘Live end – Dead end’ arrangement, adjustable acoustics, bass traps, absorption panels and reclaimed wood Schroeder diffusers, the sum of which turns the studio’s live room into a versatile, high-quality environment for professional-level sound capture. You’ll achieve the exact character of sound that you want in your production. 

The dedicated studio control room also features an array of analogue and digital equipment, such as an Audient ASP8024 analogue mixing desk, Pro Tools HD recording system, and numerous analogue and digital outboard processors and effects – exactly as you would find in a professional recording studio. 

The studio Apple Mac Pro is also equipped with all the industry-standard software packages such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Native Instruments, Melodyne and hundreds of third-party plugins.

bimm birmingham classroom

As well as our recording studio, your state-of-the-art facilities at BIMM Institute, Birmingham will include several multipurpose rooms, rehearsal rooms and tutorial rooms. Take a closer look at our fully-loaded Mac suites, multiple performance rooms with industry-standard equipment, a drum room, a student common room and so much more.

Performance rooms

Our two live performance rooms are perfect for aspiring performers. The larger room seats 100 people (with many more standing), making it perfect for honing the craft of performing in front of a large crowd while in the supportive environment of the college. 

This room is also used for most of our Masterclasses. In fact, you’ll see that each of our guests has signed our wall of fame!

The second live performance room seats 50 and has been designed to be more akin to a cosy venue, with adaptable lighting, excellent acoustic treatment and a professional sound system to inspire both you and your audience.

Mac suites

We have two Mac suites that offer 20 of the latest Apple Mac computers with all the industry-standard software installed, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Native Instruments, Melodyne and hundreds of further third-party plugins and software instruments, In addition to the iMacs, we have Audient audio interfaces, controller keyboards and Ableton Push controllers so you can translate your performance into the software world.

Drum lab

As a drummer, you’ll be able to find sanctuary in our acoustically treated room that’s home to an acoustic drum kit and 16 Roland TD-25KV electronic kits.

Student common room

This space is reserved purely for student use and is the perfect place to relax, socialise or grab a snack. 

From time to time, we’ll host Masterclasses here, which gives you the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with industry legends.

Come and see for yourself

Want to see these great facilities for yourself? Then join us at one of our monthly Open Days.

To start on your journey to a life in music today, enquire below or alternatively, contact our admissions team directly on 0344 2 646 666 or email [email protected]


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