Joe Dolman had the biggest opportunity of his life when he was selected as the BIMM Breaking act at the RADAR event, run by the UK’s music industry “bible”, Music Week.

Drawing on the skills he’d polished at BIMM Brighton, Joe seized his chance with both hands, invigorating the select crowd of music industry professionals with his well-crafted, emotionally-engaging songs.

RADAR was held in Chelsea’s Under the Bridge venue, and Joe confidently played three of his original songs, including ‘Learning to Fly’, to whoops of appreciation — and even got the crowd singing along with him!

Joe said: “It’s a really good opportunity for me to play a venue like this. I’m really grateful to BIMM for putting me on and putting me forward for the event — it’s a good crowd and a great stage.”

Other acts fortunate enough to be playing the event included Rebecca James, Fudge & The Frequency, Silver Story, Clement Marfo, and a yet another BIMM artist: BIMM London band Pony & Trap, who played the ILUVLIVE slot.

Jon Mansfield from co-organisers Music Connex said, “What sets this apart from other showcases is that this is for artists that are on the brink of breaking — and so far we’ve been fairly successful at picking artists that are getting to that point.

“BIMM is the perfect partner for us… getting into the industry is quite difficult, and this is a fantastic bridge from education to the industry, and a fantastic opportunity to network.”

After the hugely promising display of his burgeoning talent, Joe paid tribute to the help and preparation BIMM had given him, saying, “BIMM have helped me in a number of ways… they’ve made me learn theory better than I ever had!

“But they just seem to know where you are in the journey of your career, letting you do what you want to do and getting you to become the finished package that they know you’re capable of being.”

At BIMM, we love being able to join the dots between our incredibly talented students and the all-important industry connections that truly allow them to shine and leap on to bigger things.

So keep eyes and ears open for Joe – you never know where you may see him next!

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