Study At BIMM Germany For A Truly International Experience

11 December, 2018

Did you know that BIMM Berlin students hail from 44 different countries? From Spain to Slovenia, the UK to the US, Finland, Malaysia and, of course, Germany, our students really are a diverse bunch!

This is no surprise, really, given the far-reaching appeal of both BIMM as an institution and Berlin as an amazing, truly international city.

It’s a city rich in music history, where modern performers have flocked since the ’70s: home of Marlene Dietrich, Berghain, Tangerine Dream, Friedrichshain, Rammstein, Kreuzberg, techno and Atari Teenage Riot; and temporary home of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, U2 and Peaches.

Berlin is indeed a place of rock ’n’ roll legend, but it’s also a place of culture, important industry connections and opportunity, with the rest of Europe a stone’s throw away.

Internationally appealing as a creative student’s dream, Berlin is packed with more cultural offerings than you can count! You’ll find loads of gigs on every night, around 170 museums, food from all over the world and mind-blowing galleries packed wall-to-wall with the art of both yesterday and tomorrow.

When I found the Creative Musicianship course at BIMM Berlin, it gave me the reason I was looking for.

Studying at BIMM Berlin, you’ll have all this and more on your doorstep. You’ll share a classroom with dedicated people from different continents and maybe even share a flat with them too. You’ll meet cool new people each and every day, and expand your horizons more than you ever thought possible.

“I always wanted to move from Reykjavík, Iceland, to Berlin, and so when I found the Creative Musicianship course at BIMM Berlin, it gave me the reason I was looking for,” says student Ásdís Viðarsdóttir. “I love the people that I meet and get taught by at BIMM. They all work within the industry and help me to grow creatively.”

Upon graduating from BIMM Berlin, you’ll not only have a friendship circle that stretches across the globe – meaning a sofa to crash on in almost any city – but you’ll also have a valuable professional music network firmly in place.

Ylva Brandtsegg agrees: “I moved from Norway to study Music Production at BIMM Berlin. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else,” she says. “The network I have developed at BIMM is absolutely amazing – so many talented, hardworking and interesting people. There’s so much to see and experience here, and the opportunities are endless!”

In this international city for musicians, it’s hard to underestimate the thrill of living, studying and playing in the places that inspired such international legends; walking paths they trod, and perhaps even – who knows? – one day recording in BIMM’s partner studio TRIXX, just like Fleetwood Mac, or the same studio as REM or Siouxsie and the Banshees (Hansa). Oh, by the way, did you know that Budgie Clarke from The Banshees is BIMM Berlin’s Head of Performance? Yep, the calibre of our lecturers really is second to none.

The network I have developed at BIMM is absolutely amazing – so many talented, hardworking and interesting people.

This year we’re proud to be opening BIMM Hamburg, in another city which has a huge draw for international students. Hamburg is beautiful and dynamic, combining a vibrant arts and music scene with an established music industry.

Rick McPhail, the guitarist and keyboardist for influential band Tocotronic, and BIMM Songwriting and Performance Tutor, relocated from America to Hamburg and is in awe of the city: “Hamburg is a great place for aspiring musicians. There’s a whole history of rock ‘n’ roll; The Beatles started here, and there are tons of clubs in every size, as well as labels and publishers. The thing that got me excited about BIMM Hamburg is there’s a lot of focus on teaching you about the industry as a whole, and I think that’s a very important thing for musicians starting out.”

Students also get the option to split their studies between Berlin and Hamburg with our unique study exchange programme.

Why not take the plunge and join us at BIMM Berlin or BIMM Hamburg? Our dedicated international team is on hand to help you through every step of the application and visa process.

So go on then – get to it! We can’t wait to have you join our truly international team.

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