The BIMM Study Exchange

Two cities. A thousand possibilities.

Stick a pin in a map of Europe’s greatest musical cities and you’ll find a BIMM college. Wherever the music is loud and the scene is electric, we’re right there in the thick of the action, giving our students their local break and watching them go global.

With every city dancing to its own beat, it can be hard to choose just one college. But with the BIMM Study Exchange, you don’t have to. As the only music institute with a truly international footprint – with colleges in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe – BIMM can let you study for your degree in two different cities, chosen from London, Berlin, Hamburg, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham

Picture it. You could start your studies in Manchester, diving into a livewire scene shaped by The Hacienda, Oasis and beyond. Then shake things up by transferring to Berlin and soaking up the atmosphere that drove David Bowie to his creative peak on the Low, Heroes and Lodger albums. Finally, choose to either put down roots for your third year or return to your original college. With all BIMM degrees validated by the University Of Sussex, the curriculum flows seamlessly between our colleges – and even on our German campuses, all teaching is in English.

We caught up with Brooke Williams, who studied at BIMM Manchester and moved to BIMM London for her third year, about her experience:

“I’ve always wanted to live in London and actually applied to BIMM London and Manchester on UCAS. In my first year I wanted to live in halls and couldn’t afford to be in London, Manchester was a lot cheaper and was also closer to home, so I decided to choose Manchester. The move to London felt right for me at the time as the Manchester scene didn’t quite fit my own tastes and needs anymore.

Moving forces you to step out of your comfort zone to make new contacts and friends. Now I’ve moved I’m pretty sure I’ll stay here after graduation. It’s also great to have this opportunity whilst student finance is still helping you out! I think if I’d have come here as a fresher I would have been really overwhelmed but I’m more comfortable now as I’ve already lived away from home and I have events experience”

Studying in two cities could be an adrenalin shot for your early career. You could double your contacts and gain a reputation on two different live circuits. You could enrich your writing with exposure to new cultures and genres, and forge broader relationships with the industry that help you burst into your career.

Best of all, the BIMM Study Exchange doesn’t mean a stack of paperwork. Just call our admissions team on 0844 2646 666 or apply online – then get your bags packed.

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