NYU’s Punk Professor Takes Masterclass

22 December, 2014

Vivien Goldman, the “Punk Professor”, is one of the most-respected and knowledgeable people in the music world.

London-born Vivien is a journalist, writer, lecturer and musician, and everyone at BIMM Bristol was excited when she found time in her busy schedule as adjunct professor of punk and reggae at New York University to visit us.

An utterly compelling speaker, Vivien’s insight into the punk and reggae scene of the 1970s was fascinating, vivid and soundtracked by some of the greatest music of the era – often accompanied by her shouts of “turn up the music!” when a favourite track of hers came on!

Her Masterclass was a discussion on revolution, identity and culture through music, with an eclectic soundtrack of Bob Marley, The Slits, Prince Far I, The Clash and The Specials, amongst others. Vivien even opened the class with one of her own songs from an album she recorded with John Lydon.

Speaking from experience, our students heard fabulous stories (like the period she spent living with Bob Marley and getting shaken down by Jamaican police with the aforementioned Johnny Rotten) and it was all accompanied by a kaleidoscope of classic photographs.

Vivien is a true fount of knowledge and this was a must-see, can’t-forget Masterclass; the kind of learning experience we strive to bring into BIMM Bristol. We were so grateful for Vivien coming in, opening our minds and playing such great tunes!

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