Liv Campbell is Jazz FM’s Track of the Week

19 January, 2021

Liv Campbell’s debut single “Seasons” was selected as Jazz FM’s Track of the Week. It found its way into John Osborne’s hands: a Jazz FM broadcaster since 2013, with a radio career spanning back to the mid-nineties. It’s safe to say that John knows a banger when he hears one. You can listen back to the show here.

In this debut track, BIMM Institute Birmingham’s Liv teams up with Echari to form what sounds like a force to be reckoned with. “Seasons” is a beautiful composition, clearly taking a host of influences from loads of different places, making it hard to box this record into a certain genre; not that you’d want to. The track is littered with guitar licks that are both intricate and summery, reflecting the themes of this tune very nicely. It’s a solid opening statement from this pairing, and we look forward to what’s next from Echari and Liv Campbell.

Catching up with Liv Campbell

We chatted with Liv to find out how she felt upon hearing the news, her lockdown tips, and who influences her sound.

Hi Liv. How did you feel when you found out the news? 

Proud and incredibly thrilled that my first release is reaching further than I’d imagined. Mostly, I felt grateful.

“The response and support I’ve received since have been fantastic.”

How important is radio play, especially from somewhere as prestigious as Jazz FM? 

It’s a major opportunity to be discovered by listeners that perhaps wouldn’t have found me through social media. Jazz FM has a wide range of listeners; the response and support I’ve received since have been fantastic.

How’s your song been received so far? 

Better than I ever anticipated. As it’s my first release, I was only looking to set a tone for my style and what I’m bringing to the industry. I think this has been achieved and then some!

Who would you cite as your main influences?

Although I have endless influences and inspiration from all directions, my main influences are Lauryn Hill for her incredible album. I aspire to create lyrics that capture real, honest moments and feelings as she does. There are also Erykah Badu and Tom Misch. I love their chilled groove sounds, so I infuse that with my style.

“BIMM has provided me with the guidance I need to boost my confidence and inspire me to take control of my future.”

How did BIMM help you get to where you’re at today? 

Applying for BIMM is one of the best decisions I have made. Along with learning and strengthening my skills, it’s helped me become authentic in my style and as an artist. Hannah White has been phenomenal in helping me with my artist development this past year. BIMM has provided me with the guidance I need to boost my confidence and inspire me to control my future.

Whilst we’re here, have you got any tips for coping with lockdown? 

Whilst I have certainly utilised Netflix and Disney+ this past year, I would say to understand, accept and embrace yourself along with change. Take time to find what makes you happy and run with it. Seeing so many people trying to adapt to the strange situation we’re in is wonderful to see!

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We are really excited about Liv’s album, which is coming this year. Make sure you check it out. You can read about more student successes here.


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