Introducing the BIMM Podcast

24 July, 2018

Browse Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud, and you’ll find hundreds of music podcasts dedicated to all genres. But how many tap into the inner-workings of the music industry to provide insight, expertise and advice for emerging artists and students? The answer is not many. Until now, that is.

Inspired by the success of everyone from star BIMM graduate George Ezra to Mike Skinner, we have launched our own podcast to shed light on the exciting business of music. Fronted by BIMM’s own Dr Jennifer Otter Bickerdike – An acclaimed best-selling author of four books on popular culture, including Why Vinyl Matters: A Manifesto from Musicians and Fans – The BIMM Podcast will see interviews with music experts, writers, artists and label founders, including Beggars Group founder (4AD, XL) Martin Mills.

In episode 1 of the podcast, Jennifer – whose books on fandom and fan culture and more than 25 years’ experience have earned her numerous plaudits – sits down with Julie Weir, the label head for iconic rock and metal label, Music for Nations. Founded in 1983, the label now sits under the Sony umbrella but still retains an exceptional line-up of artists, such as Cradle of Filth, Anathema and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

As Jennifer explains, The BIMM Podcast will provide industry knowledge and know-how to an audience of young professionals, alumni, undergraduates and anyone with interest in music.

“BIMM is doing a podcast because it is a great and convenient way to pull back the curtain on the seemingly impenetrable and mysterious music business. In the last few years, podcasts have become so popular, largely because we can listen to them on the go. The BIMM podcast will be both fun and informative, for those that want to pursue a career in the industry or for those who simply love music.”

Comparing the merits of podcasting to radio, Jennifer – a pop culture commentator who has featured for Cambridge University, TruTV, Channel 4, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Radio 4 and The Guardian – says: “I love radio, but you never really know what you are going to get. Podcasts are a lot more bespoke, so can cater to a person’s particular interest in a way it is impossible for radio to do.”

Romeo Stoddart from The Magic Numbers and legendary rock journalist and critic Barney Hoskyns feature on later episodes, along with the editors of the subversive music zine So Young and also many former students have been included as guests on the BIMM Podcast.

On the subject of our students, we had to ask Jennifer about the biggest misconception most undergraduates have about the industry, regarding jobs within it.

“There are always jobs for people who put the grind in, and are willing to work hard,” she says.

It’s just one of the many areas of the business this podcast aims to shed light on. As for the big names and celebrity guests, Jennifer -who has interviewed everyone from Fatboy Slim to Henry Rollins – would like to assure audiences they’re in safe hands.

“Working with big names, emerging artists and industry bigwigs has taught me what bonds all of us together is our love for music, as cheesy as that may sound, and our humanity.”

As for her dream guest?

“Boy George. I hope he is reading this.”

In the meantime, let Jennifer be your informative guide to the music industry’s past, present and future, with advice on how to break through along with in-depth observations, guides and predictions from a host of prolific guests.

Episode 1 of The BIMM Podcast is now available on now on iTunes and all major Android platforms. Let us know what you think by leaving a review and subscribing.

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