Greenhouse Enterprise Programme Awards Funding

10 November, 2021

We launched the Greenhouse Enterprise Programme in June and have heard so many creative and exciting new business ideas from BIMM students and alumni. We can now announce that an independent panel of business advisors have agreed to award funding to all 16 talented participants to help launch their entrepreneurial projects.

The Greenhouse Enterprise Programme provides training, coaching, and funding for entrepreneurial projects designed by students from underrepresented groups. These include Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities, students from lower-income backgrounds and areas of low participation in Higher Education, students with disabilities, care-leavers, and mature students.

Kashi Chellen, BIMM Institute’s new Talent Match Coordinator for Inclusion and Diversity, identified 16 students who have fantastic business ideas. They’re now enrolled in a development programme designed to help them realise their business potential.

Meet our 16 Entrepreneurs

Take a look at the fantastic business ideas from across our UK colleges – from eco-friendly guitar picks to producers and a community music education project. We can’t wait to see these innovative ideas transform into thriving, successful businesses.

BIMM Institute Birmingham:

  • Harshiv Parekh – Comma Sounds

Harshiv’s Comma Sounds is a production company aiming to create library and sync opportunities for talented songwriters, artists, and producers emerging into the music industry.

  • Sky-Maya Groom – Sky-Maya Sound Waves

Sky-Maya has created Sky-Maya Sound Waves, offering a high-quality and affordable recording, mixing and mastering service. Sky-Maya will give the artists as much creative freedom as they desire.

BIMM Institute Brighton:

  • Matthew Pugh – MAVIGH Audio

With MAVIGH Audio, Matthew Pugh plans to build on his career as a freelance recording and mixing engineer whilst producing compositions that can be used for library and sync opportunities.

  • Roberta Matagna – Hair Milk

Roberta’s Hair Milk is a sustainable hair care company that uses the power of plants to create a luxurious vegan product focused on reducing its environmental impact.

  • Jessica Newman – The Wilted Rose Club

Jessica’s The Wilted Rose Club is an online jewellery company creating alternative jewellery using sterling silver and stainless steel.

BIMM Institute Bristol:

  • Erica Travis, Sam Heinrich & Jair Black-Santos – Madruga

Madruga is an immersive festival and live event experience. Erica, Sam and Jair plan to combine live and electronic music with artists and DJs, original visuals and effects, and daytime entertainment.

  • Jake Howard – Longthrow Radio

Longthrow Radio is an internet radio station aiming to create an inclusive community in Bristol and surrounding areas. Jake’s show is inclusive towards people who are creative and not just musical.

  • Keeley Hudd – Cause A Scene

Keeley’s Cause A Scene is a free community music project supporting young, marginalised people from underprivileged communities in taking their first steps into creative music-making. The project helps make music more accessible for young people.

BIMM Institute London:

  • Charlotte Mai Jacobsen – Noir Noise Management

Noir Noise Management is an artist management and consulting company providing the best service. Charlotte’s company is focused on the mental health and well-being of its artists alongside coaching and consultation.

  • Christian Larsen – Plant-A-Pick

Christian’s Plant-A-Pick is a plectrum company specialising in manufacturing hemp-based guitar picks. Plant-A-Pick offers a sustainable alternative to the industry standard plastic picks.

  • Leonor Rodrigues – Komet Rain

Komet Rain is a three-piece pop outfit based between London and Oslo. They’re working towards releasing a project, exploring ways to work on their brand and promotion.

  • Santiago Bucheli – Music with Meaning

Santiago’s Music with Meaning promotes environmental and peace values through music and merchandise without falling into established political ideals.

  • Bethan McConnell – Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is a music and culture publication run by creative women. Bethan aims to turn it into a print magazine and live events company.

BIMM Institute Manchester:

  • Jordan Price – Social Spotlight LTD

Social Spotlight LTD by Jordan Price offers marketing consultancy and social media services. These include release strategies, social media strategies, budgeting, playlists and content creation.

Catching up with Kashi Chellen

As a young woman of colour navigating her way through the music industry, Kashi is no stranger to facing challenges and has her eyes set on carving out a more diverse space where inclusivity is a priority. Kashi is passionate about creating work opportunities that give an authentic experience of the music industry and nurturing the business ideas of self-starters.

Speaking on the programme, Kashi told us:

“It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of the Greenhouse Enterprise Programme. Being able to support and see how these fantastic businesses have grown has been such a joy.

“It is so important to encourage and nurture young entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to create a more diverse and innovative market.”

– Kashi Chellen, Talent Match Coordinator.

“It is so important to encourage and nurture young entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to create a more diverse and innovative market. Greenhouse has seen such a range of ideas, from rock’n’roll jewellery and eco-friendly guitar picks to producers and a community music education project. They’re a truly creative bunch!”

Remi Harris, Creative Business Consultant, had this to add: “I loved training BIMM students in all aspects of starting and running a small business. As the creative industries have such a high proportion of self-employment, knowing how to take advantage of these opportunities is very important.

“It was exciting to see the variety of businesses already started by the students. These range from a jewellery brand to a creative production house for independent artists to environmentally friendly merchandise and a hair and beauty product. Several were already building their client list and had a significant turnover or great potential to grow. The Greenhouse Enterprise Program offers a pathway through training, advice and funding to set students and graduates off to a really good start at self-employment.”

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