Dan Logan – Life After BIMM

22 January, 2016

Since Dan Logan graduated from BIMM Brighton a decade ago, he’s been enjoying a busy music career as a high profile session player, a music technician and a tour manager – as well as performing with his own bands of course.

We got to hear the full story and have a well overdue catch-up with Dan when he visited his alma mater for a Masterclass this month.

Head of Artist Development, Andy Maclure, Head Of Industry and Careers at BIMM Brighton was the session host and welcomed Dan to give an overview of his life after BIMM. It was at BIMM Brighton where Dan met Daryl Pruess, Andrew Newton and Christopher Melian, with whom he formed Cat the Dog in 2004. The band signed to Virgin Records after just three shows before touring with The Automatic and The Kooks.

Dan would later take over bass duties for The Kooks on tour, as well as playing with The Ordinary Boys and his own bands, Sweet Sweet Lies and Logan and The Faithfuls. After sharing his stories about BIMM and his bands, Dan also talked about his experiences as a tour and production manager, and as drum tech for The Maccabees.

As host Andy told us, it was great to hear from someone with a breadth of experience, and someone who really enjoys his work:

“There were so many great stories from Dan’s time at BIMM and it’s great to see how the network he built up from his time here has given him steady work over the last 12 years!”

Dan explained how every opportunity can lead somewhere new in your career, even long after you graduate and he stressed the importance of making connections. Dan currently provides bass and backing vocals for the legendary Chrissie Hynde, as well as playing with The Vanguards – his band with fellow BIMM Brighton alumnus Ryan Burnett.

Dan’s impressive profile – which has been growing steadily since he left BIMM – together with his fascinating stories inspired the students to believe that these kinds of exciting opportunities are out there waiting for them too!

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