Craig Jennings (Raw Power) Visits BIMM Bristol

1 February, 2013

Craig Jennings, CEO of Raw Power Management and founder of new Search and Destroy label comes to BIMM to chat to students about business and being smart in a changing industry climate…

Raw Power Management is the biggest company in the UK when it comes to managing rock and metal bands. They boast Bullet For My Valentine, Don Bronco, While She Sleeps, Gallows, Funeral For a Friend and Bristol’s own Turbowolf to name a few on the roster. Craig rocked up in the smartest punk noire outfit and passionately talked about the music he manages at Raw Power that he runs with Iron Maiden’s long time manger Rod Smallwood, and the new label he has set up with Nick Gatfield (Sony A&R), Search and Destroy. And, yes, the Iggy Pop references are deliberate and have given Craig an ethical blueprint from which he has built his highly successful career.

Craig was generous with his information about how he runs Raw Power for the students to get an idea of the inside workings of a highly successful company, one that has stuck with it’s integrity and original ‘punk rock’ ethos, no small feat in a changing industry. On the subject of piracy Craig talked about the importance of respecting art and the time it takes to make it by paying a fair price for it and that it is perfectly possible to carve a living if that respect is there.

Craig left to the students waving demo cds and offering their services as intern’s all of which Craig was happy to receive and took time to talk to everyone after a very inspiring Masterclass at BIMM.

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