BIMM X DIY partnership announces its winner

3 August, 2021

As part of our partnership with DIY Magazine, students from across all colleges had the opportunity to interview artists and industry professionals and experience what it’s like to work at a music publication today. DIY then selected Bethan McConnell from BIMM Institute London as the winner, with her article published on their site and in print.

Students from across the UK and Germany had the chance to get involved, and all did a fantastic job. The aim was to produce an editorial feature with an interviewee that reflects the Music Made Us ethos.

Before interviewing their artist, each student received advice, guidance and mentorship sessions from DIY’s journalism and editorial team. They were then tasked with researching and preparing for an interview with a musician before creating their feature.

Some incredible artists got involved, including BIMM Institute graduates Black Honey, The Ninth Wave, Oscar Lang, Master Peace and IDER. This chance to interview high profile artists gave our students a tangible, real-life opportunity to dip their toes into the media side of the music industry.

Interviewing King Nun by Beth McConnell

From the excellent selection of articles submitted, DIY Magazine chose the piece written by Bethan McConnell – a Music Journalism student from BIMM Institute London – as their winner. Bethan spoke to King Nun about touring before lockdown, using social media and the band’s eighth anniversary. You can check out her full article here.

Bethan is a digital editor and live photographer based in Camden. She currently runs Safe and Sound, an online music publication curated by creative women.

“We hope that this project will help to give students the springboard they deserve.”

– Sarah Jamieson, Managing Editor, DIY Magazine.

Sarah Jamieson, DIY Mag’s Managing Editor, added: “We hope that through this opportunity, we can help provide some tangible, and ultimately inspiring, real-life experience that will give students a glimpse into what it’s like to work at a music publication today. As a team, we’re real advocates for gaining as much experience in this industry as possible, and we hope that this project will help to give students the springboard they deserve.”

Interviewing Artists through BIMM’s Music Made Us Campaign

Music Made Us is a campaign told through the students, graduates, journalists, experts and passionate people who have a distinct love for music. The campaign focuses on music and its power to make positive changes, push boundaries, connect communities and transform us as individuals.

With that in mind, Bethan and each student interviewed their artist through the lens of our campaign, discovering what their interviewees love about music, how it’s shaped them and the emotions, passion and career trajectory inspired by this creative outlet. Take a look at our students’ editorial features below:

Fenne Lily by Sami Van Hasselt

BIMM Institute Berlin’s Sami van Hasselt interviews folk singer-songwriter Fenne Lily about passion intertwining with music, avoiding wealth and fame, and embracing integrity and originality.

Read the interview

IDER by Dani Murden

BIMM Institute Manchester’s Dani Murden interviews IDER as the pair reflect on their journey from adolescent Cornish folklore to ‘f*** it’ genre-fluidity in the big city.

Read the interview

Jelani Blackman by Caleb Allport

Here, BIMM Institute Manchester’s Caleb Allport interviews rapper Jelani Blackman about where his love for music came from, his turbulent career, and the “big things” that lie ahead.

Read the interview

Master Peace by Caitlin Webb

BIMM Institute Brighton’s Caitlin Webb interviews Master Peace on taking indie to strange new places, self-expression, and vulnerability in his work.

Read the interview

Oscar Lang by Taylor Duffy

Singer-songwriter Oscar Lang candidly speaks about his Million Little Reasons, why music matters so much, how he got here and all the moments in between in this interview with BIMM Institute Manchester’s Taylor Duffy.

Read the interview

Sam Dotia by Joakin Clary Niemi Junkola

Zambia-born, London-based melodist and songwriter Sam Dotia sketches out his artistic journey and the influences that shaped him and a generation. Read his interview with BIMM Institute Manchester’s Joakin Clary Niemi Junkola.

Read the interview

Talk Show by Nathan Evans

BIMM Institute Manchester’s Nathan Evans interviews Talk Show as they discuss embracing the unique, relishing the stage and fighting through a financial struggle to make music.

Read the interview

The Ninth Wave by Jessica Brett

BIMM Institute Birmingham’s Jessica Brett interviews Amelia Kidd of The Ninth Wave about taking an emotional approach to music, how the band has developed over time and refining their sound.

Read the interview

Walt Disco by Hedda Delin

Here BIMM Institute Berlin’s Hedda Delin interviews Walt Disco about symbolising the queer band that late Gen X missed out on and how music has taken them to where they are today.

Read the interview

A huge congratulations and thank you to all the students who got involved! You can discover all our student articles and learn more about our Music Made Us campaign here.


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