Music Made Us

Who are we without music?

We truly believe in music’s ability to make a positive change, transform lives, push boundaries, create communities and ultimately shape who we are.

If this is something you believe in too, read, watch and listen to the impact music has made on people’s lives – and join the conversation using #MusicMadeUs on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The importance of music is virtually ineffable. It reacts to, comments on and influences so many aspects of our world, such as our identity, society and politics, and technology. It has done throughout the history of music and will continue to do so for as long as people create and champion music.


We explore these three areas and music’s relationship with them, all told through people who have been shaped in some way by this creative outlet.

Our #MusicMadeUs campaign explores, discusses and celebrates what music means to people, how it’s impacted our world – and how it’s made us who we are today.


"Music is a feeling. Music should give you something. When I'm on stage, I'm always getting something. Not sure what that is; but it's never sadness.”
BIMM Graduate, Hip-Hop DJ and Off Licence Magazine Brand Manager, Matt ‘Brickcellphone’ Leppier

The power of music is undeniable. Our taste in music is so much more than a fleeting fashion statement.

Music can be at the very heart of who you are as a person, how you interpret your emotions and the big wide world around us. Here, we look at songs about identity and discover just how important music can be for marginalised members of our communities.


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Whether to provide a social commentary of history’s most pivotal moments or to stoke the fires of progress, people have always used music to reflect their environment.

Here, we delve into the world of protest music, discovering the people and themes behind the music.

In our video, a very special panel came together at Rough Trade East to discuss the question: is protest music dead? The panel featured legendary artist, DJ and film director Don Letts, Simone Odaranile of the Go! Team, Space of Black Futures and host Dr Jennifer Otter-Bickerdike.


Discover More Stories #MusicMadeUs

How has music made you?

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Whether it’s a particular track, album, genre, artist, band or your own creativity and passion for music that’s affected you, we want to hear your story.


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