BIMM raise money for BRIT Challenge and Papyrus charities

27 February, 2023

A team of BIMM University students and staff (the BIMM Allstars) are supporting the BRIT Challenge to raise awareness around the vital importance of mental health, fitness and wellbeing.

The annual BRIT Challenge is an event that brings together universities and colleges by working as part of a UK-wide effort to improve the health of students and staff. It aims to destigmatise issues around mental health whilst raising money for local, regional and national charities.

Teams from BIMM University will be carrying out activities at our campuses and cities across the UK between 23rd January and 23rd March, raising funds for both The BRIT Foundation and Papyrus, who support the prevention of youth suicide. The BRIT Challenge is designed to be completed by individuals working as a team to cover this year’s distance or activity number target using 2023 as the theme.

To support the cause, we have three teams from across BIMM University:

  • BIMM runners: A running squad made up of ten members of staff representing each BIMM college across the UK, who have set a target of running a total of 2,023 kilometres
  • BIMM Birmingham: Students and staff will be undertaking 23 days of wellbeing activities such as lunchtime walks, performances by students, bake sale, arts and crafts and more.
  • Performers College, Essex: Students will attempt the challenge by seeing how many turns they can do in 23 seconds.

Mark Lewis, BIMM University’s Head of Safeguarding and Wellbeing, added:

“Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff is more important now than ever before, and what we do matters; even the smallest thing can help. As a small and fun way of demonstrating our support here at BIMM University, we have encouraged students and colleagues to take part in the annual BRIT Challenge for the very first time – this will help to raise awareness of and start conversations around mental health and wellbeing, whilst raising vital funds for charities across the country”.

You can support the BIMM Allstars here. They hope to raise £1,023 for the BRIT Foundation and Papyrus, and donations will be greatly received to help make a positive difference.

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