BIMM Institute Brighton’s Matt Flood visits Synchron Stage Vienna as part of ADAM Audio Scholarship

26 August, 2020

BIMM Institute Brighton Music Production student Matt Flood, who bagged a place on ADAM Audio’s prestigious scholarship (created to engage and support young musicians) has visited renowned recording studio Synchron Stage Vienna earlier this year – as part of the program- and will also feature in videos on the high-end studio monitor company’s website too, alongside BIMM Institute Berlin’s Ylva Brandtsegg.

Matt, who was awarded the scholarship last year (which included ongoing support from the company through a series of exclusive workshops and networking events throughout 2020), had been really looking forward to the visit to Synchron Stage Vienna since gaining a place, and as he explains, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

“Vienna was amazing! I got to work, and make friends, with 10 other scholars from across Europe who also got selected. After meeting some at the airport and getting to know them a bit better on the flight over, we met everyone else when we arrived properly at Synchron Stage Vienna, which is one of the world’s leading recording studio and has housed Hans Zimmer on a regular basis!” Matt, who performs under the name Surgecore, says.

After a tour and presentation from the ADAM Audio team and the Vienna Synchron Library (VSL), the group was split into two, to be challenged in a composition workshop.

“We spent two days working on the tracks, and then got to watch as the chief recording engineer of the studio (Bernd Mazagg) professionally mixed and mastered the tracks and took questions while doing so, which had about 20 studio monitors in it for accurate surround sound, many of which were, of course, made by ADAM Audio!” Matt says.

“It was amazing to make such brilliant friends and work with talented producers and musicians in a world-renowned studio. One thing that really stood out was the fact that I now have some awesome new friends across Europe who I am already collaborating with on new projects, and I can’t wait to show you some of them!”

While Matt’s recently released ‘Holding On’ a tropical house collaboration single with S.AGE, the next album will include collabs with fellow ADAM Audio scholarship pals Dissolute and Mona Yim, as well as other artists who he’s met on his BIMM journey so far!

He’s also hard at work playing drums and writing songs with his band THUDD, who’ve just released their debut EP Not My Type’, too.

The scholarship is part of ADAM Audio’s Academic Program (AAAP), which started in 2019 as a pilot project with a total of 12 selected European educational facilities, including BIMM Brighton and BIMM Berlin. It was devised to support and nurture the talents of young musicians.

“As a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions, we wanted to find a way to engage with young talents and support their education as an industry partner,”  Arne Wehkamp Marketing Manager for ADAM Audio explains. “This includes Academy Days at the universities, during which we invite product specialists and other experts to share their knowledge, student discounts, long-term product loans of our flagship speakers and the scholarship.”

“The scholarship is a perfect opportunity to build your network, meet interesting people from different countries, collaborate and learn. For example, in early 2020, we invited all scholars to a meeting at the Vienna Synchron Stage for a 2-day composition workshop and mixing masterclass with Bernd Mazagg. We would like to follow the careers of our scholars, even after they finish their education, and open doors for them when- and wherever we can,” Arne says.

“BIMM Brighton and Berlin are simply outstanding facilities when it comes to educating on mixing and production. The team at BIMM were very open to our ideas for cooperation and helped us tremendously to take the AAAP to another level, so we are very happy to have BIMM on board, almost as a ‘founding member’.”

BIMM are delighted that BIMM Brighton and BIMM Berlin were part of ADAM Audio’s pilot program. As well as giving students the opportunity of a scholarship, BIMM Brighton received a complete audio upgrade for Music Production students, who can enjoy the  5.1 surround sound system, as part as the recently renamed ‘ADAM Audio Mix Suite’.

Students from BIMM and other universities involved were also recently invited to take part in a series of exclusive series of webinars on mixing and production processes with ADAM Audio product specialist Jane Arnison – multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and recording/mix engineer and BIMM Berlin’s Head of Production.

“We are delighted to work so closely with ADAM Audio, who for many years have been, THE go-to professionals for advanced engineering and innovation in studio monitor design. We are now bringing that expertise to the next generation of music producers, with all of our dedicated Mac Suites and on-site studio spaces providing the best in critical listening,” Matt Hodson, Course Leader BA (Hons) Music Production says.  “In addition, we are seeing our students being given the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious recording studios in the world on very exciting projects. The collaboration they have been undertaking so far is phenomenal.”

We look forward to seeing Matt featured on ADAM Audio’s website very soon, as well as hearing more about his scholarship as it continues.


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