BIMM Berlin Student Interns With Songwriter Martin Craft

10 August, 2017

BIMM Berlin Music Production student and electronica/hip hop producer, J.D. Eliot, has been interning with Australian singer-songwriter, producer and composer, Martin Craft. The pair have been reworking some instrumental versions of songs from Martin’s latest record ‘Blood Moon’ at his studio in Kreuzberg.

The work experience opportunity came about when Martin’s request for an intern was featured in a weekly newsletter sent by BIMM Berlin’s Events and Guests Coordinator, Christoph Borchers, to all college students. Eliot was immediately drawn to the internship because he wants a career as a producer in the future, so he contacted Martin and the rest, as they say, is history!

During the 1990s, Martin was a founding member, bass player and backing vocalist with Australian indie band Sidewinder, and the band were signed to well-known indie label, Half A Cow Records. He has since lived in London, California and Berlin, played guitar in Jarvis Cocker’s band for several years, and now releases solo work under the name M. Craft.

Although Eliot regularly produces his own material, this was the first time he’s produced for a professional musician. He says:

“I’ve really enjoyed it and I’d like to do more of it in the future. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from just being in that professional environment. The most interesting thing has been working together with a producer and experiencing, first-hand, what that’s like. It’s one thing to learn about it theoretically, and another to actually be there. It’s been very informative and I’m really happy for the opportunity.”

Eliot, who performs his experimental hip hop/electronica under the title J.D. Eliot, was recently named as one of BIMM Berlin’s electronic artists to watch. He has just released a hip hop album called ‘Blue Hiss’ and you can check out some of his other material on SoundCloud.


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