BIMM Amplify: Better connection for better creation

4 April, 2019

Serious about making it in music? You need to know about BIMM Amplify.

BIMM Amplify is an initiative started by BIMM London to encourage BIMM students from different courses and disciplines to network and collaborate with each other.

It’s where managers meet artists, artists meet journalists, journalists meet producers. Think of it as the middle-ground between your education and your profession that can propel your future career.

Why should I apply to Amplify?

  • Connect and work with other students outside your own discipline
  • Receive guidance and mentoring from expert lecturers and advisors
  • Connect with wider creative industries, such as record labels and publishers
  • Gain valuable insight into the music industry via real-world experiences, such as launching your own company

How did Amplify start?

Amplify started when Ian Mack, Head of Music Business and Phil Baxter, Songwriting Diploma Course Leader decided to come up with a solution about how their two disciplines could start working together.

Ian had music business students struggling to find artists to collaborate with while Phil had artists looking for music business students to work with.

“It’s about allowing people to connect from their different disciplines. Through better connection, we get better creation”

– Ian Mack.

What does Amplify involve?

Both Ian and Phil have expanded the initiative so that all songwriters, artists, producers, event promoters, journalists and managers can now connect with others. “It’s our vision for every student at BIMM”, says Phil. And it runs like a professional entertainment organisation.

As part of the project, students will form their own Amplify teams that consist of a student from each discipline. Each team then takes part in weekly mentoring sessions where Phil and Ian will guide the teams in achieving their goals and objectives.

“We have the whole industry under one roof”, says Phil. “So, our goal is to encourage students to take advantage of that and put together teams that can make their ideas a reality”.

They’ll also help team members connect with the wider creative industries wherever necessary. For example, they can connect you with record labels, publishers, sync organisations and people in film and advertising.

Amplify candidates will also get the chance to start real companies, whether it’s a record label or management company. That means real bank accounts, real money, real artists, real releases – and the opportunity to make a real profit from your projects.

How do I become a part of Amplify?

1) Phil and Ian announce the start of Amplify at one of their large group discussions (such as at Under the Bridge)

2) They’ll then send out a newsletter inviting everyone to register their interest in being part of Amplify

3) Once you’ve registered your interest, you’ll be invited to a ‘Speed-Networking event’ – this is a limited guest list of around 170 people on a first-come-first-served basis

4) At this event, you’ll meet students from all courses with the aim to pull an Amplify team together, consisting of one student from each discipline

5) Within a week after the event, a spokesperson for your team will submit their project to Phil and Ian, including some music, information about the artists, objectives and team members’ backgrounds

6) After reviewing all the projects, Phil and Ian will select eight teams who they’ll then work with throughout

What do current Amplify students think?

“I met DIY artist Kaia Vieira at the Amplify event in November where we connected straight away. Amplify is such a fun and real-life experience that helps us both with our development, as well as giving me the opportunity to use the project for the Artist Development & Management assessment.” 

– Stephanie Asko Ziegler – BA Music Business, Year One

“It’s a great opportunity to meet the right people and have some guidelines and mentoring from these amazing teachers who give us direction and actually tell us what works and what doesn’t.
In the end, it really gives you the right foundations to see how it goes when you’re out of uni and in the professional world” 

-Lorenzo Calvo – BA Creative Musicianship (Guitar), Year Three

“Being involved in something like this now is just super, super cool. It’s like a dream come true. And it’s logical: you have all the people, so why not bring it up to the industry level? 

– Andrei Dutu – BA Creative Musicianship (Vocals), Year Three

Amplify Successes:

“This year, Kaia is definitely one to watch,” says Ian. Other artists such as Unknown Chapters have also taken part in Amplify – and have come a long way since.

Artist ‘FVRMIND’ met her team at an Amplify meet and greet. She’s been working with her Manager Annie and Producer Colin ever since. “It allows you to take what you’ve learnt at university and apply it in reality – and you get to see what a challenge it is”, says ‘FVRMIND’. “It’s about trying things out for the first time, learning how to have weekly meetings and receiving feedback”.

In terms of the business side of Amplify, there is a range of great talent from songwriters, producers, journalists and managers, including Annie Persson (Manager), Ean2 (Producer) and Connor Winyard (Journalist). New managers such as Mia Bjoerkgaarden, Karolina Koziarowska and Stephanie Ziegler are also doing the right things.


What’s next for Amplify?

Amplify is going from strength to strength at BIMM London. High calibre Amplify teams mean that the initiative is creating a lot of positive buzz – and BIMM will continue to raise participants’ profiles both inside and outside the college.

With Phil and Ian committed to running Amplify next year in London, there’s only one question left to ask: do you feel as though you’re up for the challenge?

If you’re itching to get involved then keep an eye out for the next Amplify announcement for BIMM London. The opportunity is yours for the taking.

To find out what other extra-curricular activities we have available in the meantime, check out our Student Enrichment page.

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