Hannah Farrell

Head of Student Services BIMM Dublin

Hannah has been a part of the BIMM Music Institute Dublin for four years and before that was an Educational Support Worker in DIT and UCD, as well as a Teaching Assistant in Trinity College Dublin.

Hannah says that "The main goal of the Student Services team is to help you overcome any challenges in your personal, academic, or creative life that are preventing you from fully participating in the course.

Every student will encounter different challenges during their time at BIMM, so the support we offer varies depending your individual circumstances. Some things we offer are referrals to counselling services, advice on learning or disability support, advice on what to do if you miss or fail an exam, and help navigating your relationships with fellow students or staff, and of course, much more! We manage the enrolment process in September, so will be some of the first faces that you see when you start, and you can ask us for support right up until you graduate."

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