Erik Nielsen

Music Business Lecturer *

Erik teaches Music Business at BIMM Music Institute Birmingham. He is an artist manager and music industry consultant who has worked with artists and producers from Elton John to 2CELLOS, James Blunt to Bryan Ferry, The Hoosiers to Grace Jones, and numerous other well-known artists throughout his career.

During his 11-year tenure with Marillion, he launched their pioneering direct-to-fan business in 1997 that became the basis for modern-day crowdfunding. Erik is a former board member and chair of education of the UK Music Managers Forum, a co-author of The Music Management Bible, a business advisor for UK music charity Help Musicians, and of course is a tutor at BIMM.

Based in Oxfordshire, Erik also produces and mixes music at his Wingnut Music studios, and has previously held a Guinness World Record.


* Freelance lecturer

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