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Study in our first-ever college and walk through the same corridors that James Bay, Tom Odell, Josh Harrison (Brighton Electric Studios) and Naomi Bressani (Head of Digital, Republic of Music) did in the years before. 

BIMM Music Institute Brighton first opened its doors in 2001 and is today comprised of three buildings: BIMM West, BIMM House and BIMM East.

Each one is packed with features that are sure to impress you, your mates and your parents. You’ll also use local music resources outside of the college to broaden those real-world experiences and graduate with a true understanding of how things really work in the industry.


BIMM Music Institute Brighton is spread across three main buildings. 

BIMM House

Designed, to get the best performance out of you in every sense, BIMM House is a four-storey, Grade II listed building, and just a stone’s throw away from BIMM West on the Brighton/Hove border.

You’ll study in multi-purpose teaching rooms and band tutorial suites fitted around two huge live rooms, each holding crowds of between 60 and 100. Both live rooms have PA systems, lighting rigs and stages that are fitted out to top-end specification and some of the highest quality in the town. They’re also kitted out with top-level new and vintage backline.

bimm brighton keyboard

BIMM House used to be Hove Town Hall. 

Nate Watts

The Hartke bass amp and speaker stack in our bass room were generously gifted to us by none other than Stevie Wonder’s bass player, Nate Watts. 


Located in Hove’s Brunswick Street West, BIMM West is right at the heart of BIMM Music Institute Brighton’s activities. You’ll get to know this building inside out – it covers 8,200 square-feet, has nine specialist teaching rooms, (that include two Mac Suites, an SSL/Adam Audio Mix Suite) and is home to the student common room as well. 

You’ll study in teaching rooms equipped with the best professional gear from manufacturers around the world, as well as vintage backline equipment used by the pros.


BIMM East was our first-ever college to open in 2001 – and you could say that’s why it’s got such a special atmosphere. The building is comprised of a 50 capacity academic teaching space and two state-of-the-art Mac suites for songwriters and producers, one of which is fitted with a 7.1 surround system. 

bimm brighton headphones

There’s nothing like the experience of creating music in a professional studio to really hone your skills. That’s why we’ve partnered with the award-winning Brighton Electric Studios to offer their studios as a teaching space while you’re studying with us. 

Founded in 2000, Brighton Electric is at the core of the local and national music scene, hosting prominent artists such as Royal Blood, The Cure, Florence Welch and Foals. 

The complex features 17 practice studios and two high-end recording studios, as well as a range of mix studios, storage facilities, a mastering suite and even a venue. You’ll also have the chance to get your hands on some amazing hardware, including the exquisite vintage Neve 5315 console.


Our world-class discipline-specific performance facilities include dedicated rooms for guitar, bass, vocals, drums and keyboards, featuring industry-standard equipment from the likes of Orange, Victory, Cornford, Marshall, JMI, Fender and more.

bimm brighton live room wide shot

Our live rooms

Our 100 capacity top floor Live Room features state-of-the-art digital desk with multitrack recording, lighting system and onstage foldback systems including:

  • D&B front of house and monitor equipment
  • D&B power amps 
  • Full LED & PAR 56 lighting system powered by Avolites software 
  • Yamaha CL5 sound desk – Equipped with Dante card for multi-track recording straight into prefered DAW
  • Tama drums & hardware plus Roland SPD-SX drum sample pads 
  • Van Damme stage boxes 
  • Marshall, Orange, Laney, Ampeg, Aguilar, Vox, Victory, Cornford, Blackstar, Hiwatt & Fender guitar and bass amps 
  • Roland, Korg & Moog Keyboards

On the ground floor, our 60 capacity Live Room features state-of-the-art digital desk with multitrack recording, lighting system and onstage foldback systems, including:

  • d&b front of house, monitor equipment and power amps 
  • SAT boxes and multicore
  • Marshall, Orange, Laney, Ampeg, Aguilar, Vox, Victory, Cornford, Blackstar & Fender guitar and bass amps 
  • MidasM32 Sound desk utilising Ethercom – Equipped to record straight into Logic Pro X
  • Full LED & PAR 56 lighting system controlled by Avolites lighting controller 
  • Tama drums & hardware plus Roland SPD-SX drum sample pads 
  • Van Damme stage boxes 
  • Roland, Korg & Moog Keyboards

Two drum rooms

Both of our main drum rooms are equipped with Tama Starclassic Performer drum kits with Zildjian Cymbals, Roland SPD-SX and Roland TD-25KV V-drum Kits.

Theory/keyboard room

Featuring 11 Yamaha Piaggero NP-V60 keyboards.

Songwriting rooms

Featuring a Yamaha upright piano, Hammond organ, Roland & Kurzweil keyboards, Marshall, Hi-Watt and Ashdown amps, Fender, Takamine and Ozark acoustic guitars, and percussion. Everything you could need to craft original music.

Bass rooms

These are kitted out with an Ampeg SVT classic head and 8×10 cab, a Hartke L1000 and speaker stack, Orange AD200 with 4×10 & 1×15 cabs, Eden WTX-500 and a Hiwatt 200 amp and cab – Some of these items were gifted to us by none other than Stevie Wonder’s bass player, Nate Watts!

Guitar rooms

With a choice of amp heads including Orange TH30, Rockerverb 50 & AD30 Heads, Marshall DSL 100w & JCM 2000 50w Heads, Laney TI 100W & GH50 Half Stacks and Victory V30 heads.

Music production facilities

4 x Mac Suites (also available for general study) equipped with Recording Booths and the latest versions of Pro Tools, Logic,  Ableton DAWs and multiple plugins.

As a Music Production student, you’ll be able to mix and master your own music in our newly refitted SSL and Adam Audio Mix Suite. Of course, you’ll also be able to use Brighton Electric’s Professional Recording Studios Facilities as part of your course.

Student common room

Work, relax, socialise and play some pool while you listen to the music of your choice in our student common area, It’s equipped with a dedicated Ipad with Spotify for creating your perfect playlist. And, our vending machines mean coffee and snacks are never far away! 

Come and see for yourself

Want to see these great facilities for yourself? Then, join us at one of our monthly Open Days.

To start on your journey to a life in music today, enquire below or contact our Enquiries Team on 01273 840 346 or email [email protected].


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