Benjamin James

Music Producer

Since graduating from BIMM Music Institute Brighton, Benjamin has relocated to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where he has built a career as a Music Producer.

Ben completed a BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Musicianship nearly 10 years ago. Soon after, he achieved success with his own collaborative originals project ‘Bitter Ruin’, who toured internationally. Since then, Ben has made the bold move of relocating to Vietnam to forge a career as a Music Producer.

During his time in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Ben has established himself within the thriving local music scene and is now a key songwriter and producer with Novel Production and its associated record label, Amberstone Records. The companies are in the process of launching the official Billboard Charts in Vietnam and are currently working on implementing a not- for-profit system for royalty collection – another crucial part of infrastructure that currently does not exist in the country.

Although he graduated a decade ago, Ben remembers his time at BIMM well, and has this sage advice for anyone looking to forge a career in the music industry.

“Sure, you get no golden ticket to success from studying at BIMM, or any other music academy – you have to be willing to work hard, make opportunities happen for yourself, and put the hours in to earn your place in whichever area of the industry you want to work in, but BIMM gives you the tools to build with and the compass to navigate with.”

We wish Ben every success with his career in Vietnam. And if you’re interested reading more about his production services, you can check out this in-depth interview on the BIMM Blog, or see his official Facebook Page here.   

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