‘Spinnup’ Impresses at Island Records A&R Masterclass

30 January, 2015

BIMM Brighton opened its doors to the movers and the shakers of the record industry on Friday 23rd January 2015 when we welcomed Nick Huggett (Director of A&R at Island Records), Glenn Cooper (Senior Director of Marketing at Island Records), Louis Brown (Spinnup UK Manager at Island Records) and Nathalie Graham (Spinnup Scout) to join us for an amazing A&R Masterclass.

The brilliant panel discussed an array of hot music industry topics including the transition from ownership of music to streaming; the ways in which the music industry has changed in recent years; and the A&R discovery/distribution tool Spinnup.

Spinnup is a brand new music website which turns the concept of music distribution on its head. You upload your music to the site and the lovely people at Spinnup get it out there and in front of their talent scouts. It’s the easiest way to get your music onto Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Wimp and Deezer. Plus you get to track your sales and social media stats and, most importantly, get 100% of your royalties and to keep all rights. And all for only a small yearly fee.

The session was hosted by Head of Music Business at BIMM Brighton, Phil Nelson, who is no stranger to the ins and outs of the industry himself – he’s been an artist manager for 25 years, beginning with Brighton band The Levellers at the start of their career, and helping them set up the Metway music complex, and Beautiful Days festival in Devon. He’s also one of three people who founded Brighton’s The Great Escape festival – Europe’s leading festival for new music.

Phil said the unique event showed just how connected to the music industry BIMM really is: “It was a rare treat last Friday to get four people from the same label, from different departments, with different skillsets, giving their views and expertise to us all. I’ve had great feedback from many students who attended.”

The Masterclass ended with a really interesting Q&A session, with the Brighton students mining the industry experts for the fine details of their impressive A&R know-how.

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