Simon Roberts teaches in Thailand

11 January, 2019

For the past two summers, BIMM London drum student Simon Roberts has travelled to ThaTon, a village in the northern province of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Whilst there, he volunteered as a music teacher at two local schools, Phiang Luang 1 and the recently opened Thomas House –  a school for children with special educational needs (SEN). This year, he’ll return to continue his work; only this time, he’s on the hunt for more volunteers. Read on to see how you could help.

Children with special needs and/or disabilities are offered little-to-no educational support in Thailand. So, Thomas House was set up to provide children with SEN a safe place to learn. However, the school can only function with the help of donations and a team of hard working volunteer staff; which is where Simon comes in.

In order to build on his previous experiences in Thailand and offer an improved experience for students, Simon in is looking to recruit a small team of musically orientated volunteers from other BIMM courses to join him on the trip. He explained why.

“For the past two summers I’ve been able to use my knowledge of drumming to teach the kids several different rhythms and get them all involved in group activities playing music together. This time I want to go back with at least one singer and guitarist so that we can continue the music lessons, incorporating more use of the english language by teaching nursery rhymes and simple songs.”

To raise much needed funds and promote the importance of this worthy cause, Simon is organising several fundraising events including a drum clinic and several benefit gigs in London, with further details to be announced soon. 

If you’re a BIMM artist or band member who would like to perform at one of these fundraisers, or you’re an event management student at BIMM who’d like to get involved with these events behind the scenes, please contact Simon directly for more details.

Tel: 07591194467 // Instagram // Email 

We wish Simon the very best of luck with his trip this summer and look forward to hearing about the great work he and his team have undertaken on their return.

Simon is also open to support from any musical instrument manufacturers, retailers or companies who would be willing to donate any instruments to this cause along with any press outlets or blogs that would like to share his story.

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