Redefining Music Education At The Great Escape

4 May, 2018

Here at BIMM, we’re delighted to announce that we’re joining forces with partners CMU Insights and Urban Development to launch the ‘Redefining Music Education’ conference and research project at an all-day event at Komedia for this years The Great Escape festival. The initiative, which aims to greatly expand the amount of research available on music education, will be launched at the festival’s Education Conference on Wednesday 16th May, and will be co-hosted by all three partner companies.

CMU Insights is a leading provider of consultancy services to the music industry, offering training, research and insights on a varied range of issues. Urban Development is a music development organisation which plays an integral role in the growth of urban music in the UK. With all three bodies working together towards a common goal, the first phase of the ‘Redefining Music Education’ research project aims to map current music education providers against a list of music careers available today.

Phase two of the project will be informed by the conversations which take place at The Education Conference on the 16th May and will look to identify and champion innovative approaches to music education in schools, colleges and universities, while investigating how music education and the music business can become more closely aligned. Of specific interest will be how business and entrepreneurial skills can be better incorporated into the music and arts curriculum, and how doing so could help make a stronger case for increased investment in these subjects.

The Education Conference runs the day before the official start date of The Great Escape festival and brings together music employers and music educators to evaluate the current scope of music education in the UK. A full day of invaluable insight is planned, with speakers from music organisations including Live Nation, Youth Music, The Roundhouse, Rhythmix, Musicians’ Union, BIY People and Talent, CAA, Berklee College of Music, Arts Council England, Featured Artists Coalition and Incorporated Society of Musicians. There will also be musicians, artists and songwriters present, including Steve Hiller, Georgia Train, ShaoDow, Svetlana Eliason and Roxanne De Bastion.

‘Redefining Music Education’ will be led by BIMM’s Music Industry Ambassador Phil Nelson, Urban Development’s Founder and Director Pamela McCormick, and CMU Insights’ Managing Director, Chris Cooke, with all three due to speak on their involvement in the research project at the conference. The partnership members will work alongside a number of other groups to develop the research, and are also looking for companies interested in sponsoring the project in order to access extra insights.

BIMM’s Phil Nelson, who became the manager of Brighton band The Levellers in 1988, said:

“As both a lecturer and an artist manager, I have feet in two camps, both music education and the music industry. Both sides benefit when they work more closely together, which is why BIMM has always put so much effort into proactively building its industry relationships. I’ve been involved in various initiatives to further enhance those connections, so it’s great to now partner on the ‘Redefining Music Education’ project to fully understand the wider music education landscape, and how the industry can better connect and support that work, in order to access and better prepare the artists and industry execs of the future.”


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