Rabea Massaad Visits BIMM Birmingham

21 November, 2017

Students at BIMM Birmingham were recently treated to a special masterclass from Rabea Massaad,  lead guitarist from progressive UK metal giants Dorje and instrumental three-piece Toska.

Rabbea (or Bea, as he’s known) delivered an insightful session on his brilliantly virtuosic guitar technique, compositional tips for pointers on how to achieve a great guitar tone.

The Chapman Guitars endorsee also spent a good portion of the event advising students on how to take advantage of social media to help nurture and grow their followers. This of course, is particularly appropriate in this day and age, when being in such a niche genre requires a high level of attentiveness on all facets, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry.

The class was well attended and Bea even stuck around for a photo opportunity with the students.

These sorts of masterclasses are available to all BIMM students across every campus for almost every single week of term.

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