Music Made Us

7 December, 2020

Our Music Made Us campaign explores, discusses and celebrates what music means to people, how it has impacted our world – and how it has made us who we are today.

We truly believe that music has the power to affect our world, our everyday lives – and our very essence. It can make positive changes, push boundaries, connect communities and transform us as individuals.

Music as a tool for change

From the marginalised to the mainstream, people have always used music to reflect their emotions and environments. It’s a tool that reacts to, comments on, and influences so many aspects of our lives, such as our identity, culture, politics and society.

Throughout our series, our contributors explore fractious worldwide events and their relationship with music – from slavery in the 1800s to the UK’s 80s acid house and rave scene and today’s Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve also enlisted the help of students, journalists and industry experts to recount their personal stories; exploring music’s effect on their adolescence, careers and milestones.

Student and Graduate Stories

Of course, we couldn’t explore what music means to people without consulting our passionate students and graduates. Our creative community has built a tapestry that showcases the importance of music. They’ve shared how their family’s culture has influenced their music; how a particular genre has made them question their identity; how music has helped them through depression; and so much more.

No two stories on what music means to people are ever the same. But one thing is certain: we are who we are because of music. And it’s a love for this creative outlet that unites us – and inspires us to follow the paths we choose.

Discover our unique Music Made Us stories here. Has music made you? Find your tribe by attending one of our Open Days.

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