Manchester Masterclass with Guthrie Govan

19 May, 2015

As well as his influential solo work, Guthrie Govan has played guitar with Asia, The Young Punx, The Aristocrats, GPS, The Fellowship and Steven Wilson. He has been a well-respected guitar tutor for many years and in 1993 was named ‘Guitarist of the Year’ by Guitarist magazine.

This month the accomplished guitarist gave a solo Masterclass at BIMM Manchester, opening the session with a magnificent demonstration of his guitar-playing skills for a rapt audience. The well-received recital was followed by Guthrie sharing stories of his childhood, his introduction to music, his professional career and his personal growth as a musician.

Guthrie became a guitarist in early childhood and began performing live music almost immediately, aged only five. He communicated to the BIMM students a strong philosophical angle on music-making, discussing the pleasures and importance of making a heartfelt connection to all the music you create.

The audience were impressed and interested and had plenty of questions lined up to ask Guthrie during the Q&A portion of his Masterclass. Guthrie dealt with the students openly and warmly, and with plenty of interesting insight. Topics covered ranged from specific guitar-playing techniques to personal musical progression, to travel stories and Guthrie’s song-writing.

Stephen Needle, a BA1 Bass student, called the event an “incredibly insightful session from an extremely influential player,” while a fellow attendee also enjoyed the “good, real world applications” of Guthrie’s expansive musical advice.

Guthrie said of his own Masterclass session:

“This was my second visit to BIMM Manchester, but hopefully not my last! Many thanks to everyone who attended, who asked me questions and who helped to generate such a positive energy in the room!”

Closing the Masterclass with another mesmerising live guitar performance, Govan reminded the audience members of the astonishing musical results that can come from practice and perseverance.

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