Lower Than Atlantis at BIMM London

22 March, 2016

BIMM London was the venue for a Q&A with rock band Lower Than Atlantis this month.

Music Business Tutor, Steve Cole hosted the session for the Watford four-piece – Mike, Declan, Eddy and Ben – as they took on sharp questioning from a busy room of students.

The topics illustrated a range of concerns and interests facing today’s young musicians. The band – who’ve been together nine years – took them on board with honesty and insight. Here are a few of the subjects they tackled:

Do you think music colleges are valuable?

Ben Sansom (lead guitar):

“Yeah definitely, but it is what you make of it… I met Mike there, and we’ve stuck together. Without it, we wouldn’t have met… Don’t think that you’ll come somewhere like this and know everything, though. You have to work hard, go to lessons, learn and connect. You won’t get anywhere by sitting at home doing nothing!”

On forming Lower Than Atlantis, Ben had this to say:

“We started at college in Watford. Mike and I couldn’t find any band members for ages. We’d go on tour, and members would drop out. We did a horrible pub tour that no one came to! That’s where we met Declan and Eddy. They were in another band but we liked them so much they joined us and this line up has been going for six years.”

Lower Than AtlantisLower Than Atlantis seated

Using social media as a band:

Mike Duce (vocals, guitar):

“Social media is so important these days. Things like Instagram are free, and you can upload all the time. We always do, especially on tour… It’s also about knowing key times to post, like early in the morning when people are getting ready for work, at 7 pm when people are on their way home, and late in the evening when people are just about to go to bed.”

Huge thanks to Lower Than Atlantis for their mix of big ideas and cool little tricks. They gave the perfect front-line advice that we at BIMM always like to provide through our Masterclasses.

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