Kin Rich Goes Viral

16 October, 2019

When Music Production student Richy Londa heard a homeless man playing a tin whistle on the streets of Birmingham, he didn’t realise it would be the start of a viral hit. But that’s exactly what happened when he sampled the musician’s talent on his latest track, ‘Right Now’.

Londa, who’ll soon complete his BA (Hons) degree at BIMM Birmingham, operates under the moniker ‘Kin Rich’. The young artist was so impressed when he heard a man named Nathan busking on the street, that he immediately saw the opportunity for a collaboration.

When inspiration strikes

After sampling Nathan’s tin whistle melodies on his phone, Rich set to work transforming it into one of the main hooks of ‘Right Now’; a track with a backstory so unique that it led to interest from mainstream media sources, such as the BBC and the Daily Mail.

A fair deal

Rich was keen to emphasise to his social media followers from the outset that any profits made would be split with his collaborator, Nathan. We spoke to the young producer about what it’s been like seeing the track gaining such traction online.

“The track blowing up has been crazy! I did not expect it to go this far, even making it to BBC News and Daily Mail. I have been getting a tonne of support from people and my social media following is rapidly increasing.”

‘Right Now’ also attracted attention from up and coming music video producer Mangua, who collaborated with Kin Rich on the creation of his amazing video for the track.

“He messaged me on Instagram telling me how he liked my creativity and that he wanted to volunteer to shoot the music video.” explained Rich.

“My plan was to feature Nathan in the music video from the get-go, but he was ill the week we shot it. Then, the week after, I met him in town and we finally recorded a scene with him.”

We are incredibly pleased for Kin Rich and the viral success of ‘Right Now’. And are especially impressed with his ability to turn a moment of inspiration into a mutually beneficial collaborative opportunity for others. He explained how this is all part of the learning process at BIMM.

“Being at BIMM helped me with many skills, for instance: understanding marketing and how to approach it to help us artists build a fanbase. We got taught about ‘musique concrète’, which influenced me on going out and sampling Nathan in town.”

Rich is planning on releasing more videos in the near future and is also looking to work with his new collaborator Nathan on more new music. We can’t wait to hear it! Be sure to follow Kin Rich online for new material.

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