Introducing the Pivotal Music Conference

29 June, 2018

BIMM Birmingham’s Careers and Industry Module leader Chris Rogers is the founder of the city’s first international music business event, the PIVOTAL Conference, which takes place on September 14th. We caught up with the new addition to BIMM Birmingham’s rapidly expanding faculty to find out more about the event.

How did the idea for Pivotal come about?

“Pivotal came all out of a desire of mine to see the creative music industry grow in Birmingham and to create a community in the city. I started by running the Birmingham MMF Tribes nights to create a community and over the 2 years of running those I began to get the ideas for Pivotal and a conference bringing it all together in Birmingham. Over the past 6 months, I have been working hard on bringing the industry into the fold and getting the ideas for some panels together. Finally, it’s so good to have it announced and see it take off! I’m also lucky enough to have the support of the newly created Birmingham Music Coalition giving me support with things as they launch at Pivotal!”

What is the main vision behind the event? 

“It’s all about creating opportunity for the industry in Birmingham and for the outside industry to see the creativity and incredible talent that Birmingham and the Midlands has to offer. For me, it all comes down to creating community and opportunities for all across the region.”

Why is Birmingham a good city for a music industry conference? 

“Birmingham is so well located and it’s the second biggest city in the UK! With some incredible music heritage including UB40, Black Sabbath and many others, there is a rich history of music and creativity here. And there is a thriving music scene across the city with some incredible independent venues such as the Hare and Hounds and the Actress and Bishop, recording studios, artists and professionals.

What’s the Birmingham music scene/industry like?

As I said thriving! We have some incredible artists that have come from Birmingham and the Midlands region such as JAWS, Jorja Smith and artists like Lady Sanity who are doing great stuff at the moment. We are also so lucky to have the likes of BIMM and Birmingham City University here creating some incredible talent in our students and helping to make industry links as we grow the business in the region.

What is your ambition for Pivotal in the short and long term?

Well, first and foremost to have an incredible first year with success for all involved and for all the artists showcasing! But long term I want Pivotal to become a moment in the calendar for Birmingham each year and to see it grow so that next year it is a city wide event!

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