Introducing: BA (Hons) Music Marketing, Media and Communication

9 December, 2019

It’s no secret that BIMM Institute is known for producing successful musicians and performers. But, what about those with their sights set on the business end of the music industry? Our new BA (Hons) Degree in Music Marketing, Media & Communication (MMMC) will help prepare you for a plethora of non-performance roles in a growing industry. Here’s how.

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how many cogs are in motion behind the scenes when a brand-new artist’s music video goes viral, when a debut record reaches #1, or when an industry newcomer scoops the surprise win at a music awards ceremony.

That’s because behind every successful artist campaign is a team of music industry professionals including digital marketers, content creators and managers, PR reps, journalists, broadcasters and distributors.

For someone whose passion for music goes deeper than a recreational hobby, studying a course such as MMMC could be the first step towards a career you’ll love.

Full flexibility

To prepare aspiring music industry professionals for such a broad variety of career roles, our newly-launched BA (Hons) Music Marketing, Media & Communication degree is tailor-made with flexibility in mind, allowing you to hand-pick your modules to run alongside your core studies throughout years one and two.

This ensures you’ll graduate with a specific skill set to employ in whichever sector of the industry you’re drawn to. Alternatively, choose a broad range of complementary modules to keep your horizons as wide as possible.

Optional modules include

  • Creative Video Production
  • Youth, Music And Social Change
  • Mobile Technology & Music
  • Fans & Social Media Influencers
  • Artist Development & PR
  • Mobile Apps: Design And User Culture
  • Touring And Live Events
  • Working In The Creative Industries
  • Practical Learning And Teaching In The Creative Arts 1
  • Financing Creativityglobal Communications
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Fashion & Music
  • Gaming Culture
  • Celebrity Culture
  • Culture And Society
  • Film Studies
  • Gender And Sexuality
  • Psychology Of Music
  • Diversity In The Creative Industries
  • Practical Learning And Teaching In The Creative Arts 2
  • Digital Arts & Branding
  • Music And Event Futures
  • Consultancy And Market Research
  • Business Ethics & Music Law

MMMC Career path examples

There are various career roles waiting for you after studying this course, such as a Label Manager, PR Agent, Content Manager and many more. To help demonstrate the roles waiting for you, we spoke to a range of music marketing professionals at Manchester’s Off The Record conference 2019 and asked for a glimpse into their work life.


“The great thing about working in social media marketing is the ability to move industries. Your skills are transferable. Personally, I started working in the music industry, moved into education, then worked in recruitment marketing for almost three years before working in the film industry – which is where I always dreamt of ending up one day.”

– Carla Boyd, Social Media Manager for Cineworld Cinemas


“With PR, we aim to get our artists the best coverage possible, whether that’s in print media, online or both – my role in these campaigns includes creating press releases, pitching out to publications, organising meetings and interviews, plus researching publicity targets and planning goals/strategies with an artist and their management. In terms of social media, I will create posting schedules for artists, including written copy and plans for media.”

– Caitlin Buller, BIMM Graduate and Assistant Publicist at Think Social PR


“It’s important for a band/artist to have a cohesive image. We’ve got to make sure that the visual qualities of the work resonate with the sonic qualities of the music so that we can position and market the artist in a way that will resonate with an audience.”

– Matthew Boon , Creative Director – Scruff Of The Neck


“I lead a team of content managers. And it’s our job to make sure that the metadata is checked before it’s sent to different stores – for example Spotify, Apple, YouTube. We make sure that everything is set in place, that there are no mistakes and that everything is the perfect quality before we deliver it to those stores.”

– Marieke Hulzinga,  Content Team Leader – FUGA



Take your first step towards a career in the exciting world of music marketing, media and communication today, Apply now. Alternatively, discover more about whichever college you’re most interested in studying by attending one of our Open Days.

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Please note: This course is not currently available to study at BIMM Institute Dublin. 

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