Huey Morgan At BIMM Bristol Graduation

25 September, 2015

At BIMM Bristol our 2015 graduating class were joined by very special guest, Huey Morgan of Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Huey, who is also a popular BBC 6 Music DJ, delivered a funny, clued up and touching speech to the assembled graduates, rounding off a milestone day for BIMM’s next generation of talent.

The host for the day was Jon Harper, drummer with The Cooper Temple Clause, BIMM Bristol’s Module Leader for Engaging With Industry and one of the many dedicated staff who have helped steer the Class of 2015 to their successful destination. Catherine Brown is one such graduate, having completed a Music Industry Management Degree. She spoke about the special occasion:

“The whole day was filled with smiles and laughter – we all looked professional and like achievers. It was a day of celebration with people I’ve spent the last three years with. Everyone in the same place, celebrating our achievement. From the moment I put my gown on I couldn’t stop smiling!”

When it came Huey’s turn to speak he wasn’t short on words of wisdom and opinions for the graduates, including on BIMM itself:

“It’s important to remember that people that have been in the music industry for twenty years and dealt with managers and lawyers, have some responsibility to inform the new generation what’s up. It’s kind of cool to rely on our experiences.”

On getting a record contract he said.

“It’s not the Cinderella story it used to be! I got my deal by playing at the Limelight in New York and a guy came in and had a card that said ‘President CEO of EMI’, sat at the table and asked if we wanted to make an album and offered us an eight album deal”.

On working towards success he told the audience:

“It’s supply and demand, people are still making good music, but it’s about how you support yourself doing this. You need to know about the industry. The people running record labels tend not to be musicians or producers, they are accountants, lawyers, businessmen and they are bothered about product”

“It’s easy to be a good guitar player, but it’s not easy to be a successful guitar player! How do you judge success, is it wealth or fame? They didn’t come into it for me. I just wanted to play guitar.’

“Overnight success rarely happens any more, you have to pass through Simon Cowell’s filter! But he knows what kids will buy, and their parents. But if you want to make music that is more insightful and real it may not be as viable, so you have to look for other outlets.”

Back to graduate, Catherine Brown:

“The whole day was perfect from start to finish. For our final send-off, we stood outside the front of the hall, waving our hats around as our experience at the institution that served us well for three years came to a close. We were all very merry celebrating the final hours we all had together before we woke up the next day in the real world!”

As Huey said,

It’s an open book now and you write your next chapter.’

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