HUBB collaborates with Australia’s Vermilion Records

24 October, 2019

HUBB Records, an independent record label set-up and managed by students at BIMM Bristol, recently began collaborating with Vermilion Records – a student-run label operating from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

HUBB Records was set up by BIMM Bristol and its students in the summer of 2018 as a promotional and digital distribution outlet for its performance students. The label also provides the college’s non-performance students with the chance to gain valuable experience running a real-life record label at a professional level.

To mark the start of the new collaboration, which offers exposure for artists in territories beyond their usual organic reach, Vermilion produced the following short video featuring Gabrielle Emery of ‘The Letter Elle’ and BIMM Bristol Songwriting student Anna Collette (pictured).

HUBB Records’ Freddy Kemp, is in charge of media and communication at the label. He explained how the collaboration first came about.

“Vermilion records got in contact with us and asked if we wanted to get together to help each other out. The initial idea was simply to start boosting each other’s profiles by sharing posts and promoting things we’re working on.”

He continued “This has now blossomed into our artists sending videos of their day-to-day lives in music over to Jess from Vermilion, who has put them together to create a ‘day in the life’ style video.”

Vermilion and HUBB plan to involve more of their artists with this initiative, giving students at both institutes the opportunity for much wider promotional exposure.

“I feel that the reason that we work so well together is because we are both in a similar situation.” said Freddy.

“We are both labels run by young students that are after a career in music. I feel as if Vermilion and HUBB work well together and hopefully we’ll continue working together on other projects in the future.”

We are pleased to see current performance students such as Anna Collette & the Average Men gaining exposure in a territory that’s otherwise difficult to access. And of course, we’re equally excited to see current non-performance students making all-important industry connections abroad.

You can stay up to date with HUBB Records releases via their social media streams.

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Photo C/O Ania Shrimpton

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