Hear the BIMM London Songwriting Podcast

21 June, 2017

How do you write a song? What are the best songwriting techniques? How can you overcome writer’s block?

Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or just starting out, we guarantee you’ve asked at least one of these questions at some point or another. Thankfully, two talented BIMM London students – presenter Tristan Rolfe (BA Songwriting) and producer Hammad Rashid (Music Production) – have launched a brand new songwriting podcast to inspire new students and aspiring musicians.

The Song Circles podcast – which is recorded in-house at our state-of-the-art recording studios – covers everything from technique to songwriting skill and features a host of student guests, lecturers and original BIMM recordings.

Speaking about the show, BIMM London’s Head of Songwriting, Becky Jones, revealed that the podcast had been inspired by the existing ‘Song Explorer’ and ‘All Back No Front’ shows and our regular Song Circles Live Lounge event, which sees selected songwriters perform a series of live sessions each term.

“The sessions started out simply by forming SoundCloud playlists and for the student’s personal use, but then we thought it would be an excellent idea to present them in perhaps more of a structured way, hence the podcast,” she told BIMM.

“The podcast also allows us to cover something we have always wanted to, which is a focus on songwriting techniques. At first, we thought of writing a blog about techniques, but the podcast allows us to package up geeky discussions about songwriting technique and skill along with excellent recordings of the songs themselves.”

The podcast has so far been a massive hit with both BIMM students and lecturers. It’s still early days, but Tristan, Hammad and Becky have big plans to roll out the show beyond BIMM London with themed shows and special guests.

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