Guthrie Govan at BIMM Manchester

3 March, 2016

Guthrie Govan is the guitarist’s guitarist – beloved for his masterful skill, adaptability and enthusiasm for his instrument.

One of his many quotable Masterclass lines could also be his motto:

“Learn your instrument and everything it can do.”

This might help explain why Guthrie’s Masterclass was our busiest to date!

With a mixture of humour, astounding live demonstrations and fastidious technicality, Guthrie had the Masterclass in the palm of his hand. His career stories were an inspiring mix of have-a-go enthusiasm and personal excellence, from transcribing guitar parts for music magazines, to performing with the legendary Asia. He told the class:

“The important thing is to keep your options open;”

Guthrie dealt with a range of intelligent questions about technique, touring, acoustic work and musical inspiration, which he attributed to:

“New experiences. I am always inspired by new things as I continue to grow.”

Guthrie finished with a heart-racing performance of his eight-minute track, ‘Ner Ner’, just to remind us why he’s considered one of the best!

Guitar student, Tom Keen loved the Masterclass:

“I learned more about music today than I have the rest of my life! Guthrie approached music in such an insightful way, with a strong message not to limit yourself.”

BA1 Guitar student John Valance told us:

“It was really interactive; it was great that we could ask questions as he went along, incredible.”

Cameron Cooper had his fandom confirmed:

“Guthrie has been a big influence in my guitar journey. He’s the Merlin of the music world, he’s very wise and provides logical answers for every question you could throw at him. I was honoured to watch him soundcheck; he called it the fastest sound check in the world, but it proved how he could make anything work in such a short space of time.”

Guitarist Dillon Pudge was equally enthused:

“I’ve never felt more inspired to play guitar in my life. Guthrie has shown what amazing results you can get when you put your mind to something. He has shown me certain things I didn’t even know were possible on a guitar. Amazing!”

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