Graham Coxon Q&A Masterclass Was Spectacular!

3 September, 2014

BIMM Brighton was honoured to host an exclusive Q&A Masterclass with Graham Coxon – the lead guitarist of Blur and a successful solo performer in his own right.

Matt Hodson (Course Leader of Music Production, BIMM Brighton) spoke to Graham not only about his legacy as one of Britain’s most influential, contemporary guitarists but also about his work as a visual artist – in fact he even drew a masterpiece on our wall!

His work as both a solo artist and within Blur was discussed at length, with Graham giving the audience some exclusive insights into his guitar skills and playing some of his well known pieces on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Graham spoke about his songwriting and production methods, while answering questions from the audience about guitar techniques, creative aspects and what it was like to be part of one of the most important bands in recent British history.

The seminar closed with back-to-back famous riffs, played by the man himself. It was an invaluable experience to students, showing how one can be so versatile with an instrument and develop themselves into a multi-faceted artist – an inspiration to us all.

A huge thanks to Graham for coming in from everyone here at BIMM!

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