Ella Eyre’s Revealing Masterclass

22 January, 2015

Ella Eyre grabbed the world’s attention when her incredible vocals powered Rudimental’s massive hit ‘Waiting All Night’ to the top of the charts, and her talent has led to stars like Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa clamouring to work with her.

Of course, she’s since become a breakout star in her own right, releasing her debut solo single ‘If I Go’, and her debut LP ‘Feline’ looks certain to be a hit when it’s released in May.

So when Ella, and her managers Charlie Arme and James Merritt, came into BIMM London to talk to our students in January, there was a queue out of the door to hear them speak!

It was an inspiring, informative masterclass. Ella is articulate, fascinating and funny; and she passed on great advice on how to develop a career in the music industry.

She spoke about how she was discovered and her talent was developed, on the benefit of carefully-selected collaborations, and how her career progressed from music student to number one hit-maker!

“networking is really important,” and revealing that she will spend hours preparing for everything she does because, “You only get one opportunity! People are very unforgiving, so before I expose anything to anyone it’s got to be right.”

Ella told us that she adores performing, saying:

“Live performance is my favourite part of the job — I love my band, I love travelling and reaching out to an audience. If I could be on the road all of the time, I would”.

Lauren Logue, a Third year Songwriting student, said that Ella’s masterclass was,

“really inspiring. I walked away from the masterclass feeling refreshed! Her advice was really helpful for the BIMM students.”

She also revealed that she’d helped one ex-BIMM student gain national fame by giving James Bay his first national radio play on BBC Radio 1! Ella was a guest on Edith Bowman’s show and was asked who she’d been listening to recently — Ella said that she loved James Bay, and they played his song, ‘Let It Go’.

Before Ella left, she posed for pictures with every single student and answered their questions —  before heading straight to the airport to finish off a track in LA!

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