Carleen Anderson Visits BIMM Brighton

10 December, 2014

BIMM Brighton hosted a very special vocal versatility masterclass with world renowned soul/jazz singer Carleen Anderson. Previously Head of Vocals at BIMM Brighton, Carleen brought a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She’s had a successful, varied career: as the lead vocalist of Young Disciples, she propelled their classic ‘Apparently Nothin’’ to chart success in 1991. She’s also collaborated with the likes of Paul Weller, Nigel Kennedy, Courtney Pine and The Brand New Heavies.

Her masterclass was challenging and inspirational. She pushed students to explore their vocal ability in genres beyond their comfort zones.

Carleen loves being in BIMM, saying:

“Music education is what I trained for and is my first love. There is joy in sharing lessons with young spirits, eager to learn! Even new students who had never heard of this strange old lady directing them to inhale and exhale from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads responded with an inspiring light shining from their eyes, as they embrace the challenges of expressing life through vocal music.”

The students responded incredibly well to the challenge and felt that they’d participated in a uniquely useful session. First year vocalist Annabelle Johnston was thrilled:

“Carleen’s masterclass improved my vocal versatility dramatically. She developed my weakness into strength and she helped me with making any song my own and original to me. I thank her greatly for everything she’s taught me.”

These magic, transformative moments are what we strive for at BIMM – thanks so much for coming in and inspiring our students once again, Carleen!

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