Brian Eastwood Guitar Luthier Masterclass

18 March, 2015

Brian Eastwood is a well-known master luthier — that is, a maker of stringed instruments — in Brian’s case, these are his astonishingly beautiful and inventive guitars.

Brian stopped by to BIMM Manchester to give the students there a most unusual insight into this rare skill, and some crucial practical guidance on maintaining and caring for that all important instrument, the guitar.

Brian shared with the students how his first foray into the world of guitar-making was modest and purely practical — he built one because he couldn’t afford to buy one.

After that he began to repair guitars for his fellow musicians and soon established that part of his career:

“I repaired a guitar for someone, and then people kept knocking at my door. That’s what set it off, once I found I could make a living repairing guitars I stuck with it.”

Brian has built a plethora of extraordinary guitars during his career, some of which he brought along to show to the students. He explained the motivation behind each of his designs and the students were able to see the craftsmanship involved up close.

Brian dispelled some myths about guitar brands, saying,

“The only difference between American, Mexican and Far Eastern instruments are the countries they’re made in. They can all be as good as each other.”

He talked about the importance of proper maintenance and the students were keen to ask Brian a range of questions about guitar construction and repairs.

One of the students attending, Keaton Thompson, said,

“Brian Eastwood provided a great insight into the world of guitar luthiers, and taught me more about setting up, and maintaining my instrument.”

Brian’s expertise knows few bounds – he even constructed a bass guitar for Peter Hook made from part of the dance floor from Manchester’s legendary club, the Hacienda!

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