Bishop Blue Collaborate on Book Release

30 January, 2018

BIMM Manchester alumni band Bishop Blue have been collaborating with a pair of authors to provide an original musical accompaniment to an upcoming book. The project sees the pop/gospel trio collaborating with French romantic novelists Fabiola Chenet and Heloise Cordelles.

Damon O’Hara (BA Hons in Music Business), James Christi (Songwriting) and Nicola Tuffy (Professional Musicianship – Vocals) have been writing and performing as Bishop Blue since early 2017 and are currently playing their cards very close to their chest with regard to the official title of the upcoming book. We managed to coerce frontman Damon into divulging a little teaser as to what it will be about.

“The theme of the book is based around family and friends. These people hold secrets that can destroy their relationships. We let them get away with things we normally wouldn’t. So, there will always be resentment, and how you deal with that can be a defining moment for you, or not in some cases! That is enough, we are going to get in trouble for telling!”

This isn’t the first time the band have delved into the world of literature alongside their musical exploits. Their debut release as a band, the single “Living Without You”, was featured as a media extension in Scarlett Cole’s book ‘The Purest Hook’.

Everyone involved in their current book project is working towards a release just date just before May of this year. This will tie in with the release of the bands’ debut album release, which will also be accompanied by their own book detailing the various stories behind the music. Fans are being asked to refer to Bishop Blue’s official website and social media streams for updates.



We’re extremely happy to see this group of BIMM graduates using such creative collaborative business ideas to take their music into wider reaching territories.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Bishop Blue’s progress this year, with updates and further news posts to come.




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